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The Gwythaints are minor villains in the Disney cult classic animated film The Black Cauldron. The draconic minions and sidekicks of the necromancer, the Horned King, the Gwythaints appear in a major part in most of the villains tournaments, always on the side of their master, with the exception of the Disney vs. Marvel Villains War, which were controlled by the Horned King's ally, Queen Grimhilde, after the King's demise.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Death At The Hands Of Ruber

After noticing Ruber's army invading the Horned King's castle, the Gwythaints defent their kingdom by attacking Ruber. Unfortunately they were outmatched by Ruber's power who punched them and fell to the ground, persumed dead.

Disney Villains War


After the deal that the Horned King made with Chernabog, the Gwythaints were one of the gifts that the the Black God gave to the Horned King. The King, seeing the dragons characteristics and seeing that were so special dragons to him, decided that he will not use them for battle, until there will be a major attack or invansion.

Death Of The Masters Sidekicks

After the failures of the Horned King againstMaleficent and Demona, Chernabog thought he is useless and ordered to his apprentice Doctor Facilier to deal with him. When the doctor arrived at the Horned King's castle he revealed his plan to the King. Angered the Horned King thought that this is the perfect time to use the Gwythaints to kill the voodoo sorceror and released them. But the doctor has an ace upon his sleeve and called upon his shadows to stop the dragons. Unfortunately they had been defeated when they struggled each other in the fight, leaving the Horned King to deal with the witch doctor personally.

Disney Villains War Reboot

The Gwythaints appear in the skies of the Forbidden Mountain, an action seen by Maleficent's familiar Diablo, heralding the arrival of the Horned King's barbarian army.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains

Defending Their Master

The Gwythaints had a minor role in this tournament. They were seen fighting with Magneto in order to defend their master, the Horned King. But as they begin attacking him they were blasted by Magneto's magic, leaving them fallen in the ground defeated. 

Defeat at Loki's Hands

Later on the Evil Queen resurrected the dragons to her faction, only to be troubled by Loki's forces when they begin their invasion to the Evil Queen forces. Unfortunately for them, the catapults of Loki blasted on them, some were hit in the sky, whle others were buried, after the canons open a hole in the ground, in the ruins of the castle.

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