Gul Dukat is the primary antagonist of the science fiction television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. A brilliant Cardassian commander, Dukat is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Defeat of the Daleks

Gul Dukat joins the alliance of space, serving under Scorpius and Emperor Palpatine. He takes a keen interest in making sure that his enemies are humiliated in their defeats; thus, he takes a strong interest in eliminating the Daleks, a race bent on proving its own superiority. He heads off with Scorpius's fleet in destroying the main Dalek force. Dukat personally sends a message to the Dalek Emperor, demanding surrender. The Dalek Emperor preaches his message of intergalactic genocide, threatening to exterminate Dukat and his armies. Dukat does not take kindly to this, working in tandem with Scorpius to destroy the Dalek Emperor's ship and the entire fleet in turn.

New Trials

In the fight against the Daleks, the leader of the Goa'uld, Prince Apophis, loses his life. Thus, a new leader of the Goa'uld must be elected. Gul Dukat casts his vote in favor of Anubis, who wins the spot. Gul Dukat soon faces a new threat in Q, a godlike being who teleports onto Dukat's ship. Q tries to put Dukat on trial for his entire race, accusing them of being violent and unruly. Dukat responds with his own theory of justice, putting Q off. Q swears that he will return and departs.


Q returns, teleporting Dukat and his men off their ship and onto a Dominion planet. Q discusses how best to test Dukat, but he is interrupted when a Kull Warrior attacks. Dukat has his men put a stop to the warrior's advance, but it mows down his men effortlessly. Dukat realizes that he is no match for the warrior; Q, in mercy, puts up a force field around the creature, allowing Dukat to escape.

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