Guilty Priest Hellsing.png

The Guilty Priest, not confused with Alexander Anderson or any other priest, is an unoficial character in the anime, Hellsing: Ultimate. The traitor of the Iscariot, who secretly worked with the Millennium, led by the Major, the Guilty Priest makes a brief appearance in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

In this war, the Guilty Priest gives away the location of Cortez, a recent ally of the Iscariot, to the demon assassin, Envy. Later, the priest is summoned by Enrico Maxwell, who at the time had joined forces with Charles zi Britannia, to confess his secrets. Threatened and shocked, the priest not only confess his mistakes, but he also explains that many others have been forced to work with the Homunculus. Not wanting any traitors to his organization, Enrico has his right hand, Heinkel Wolfe, to kill the priest. The priest is panicked, as Wolfe puts a pistol to the priest's head and blasts his head clear open.

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