(5) Gruntilda

Gruntilda is the antagonist of the popular video game franchise Banjo-Kazooie. A beauty-obsessed witch speaking mostly in rhymes, Gruntilda is both an homage and a parody of Queen Grimhilde of Snow White. Gruntilda is among the most beloved villainesses in 3-D platforming and has featured prominently in two spin-off tournaments: Animated vs Video Game Villains War and Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Starting the War (Gruntilda vs. King K. Rool )

Gruntilda, after relocating to a different area due to the meddling of gaming heroes, seeks to discover the identity of the most beautiful being in her region, believing it to be herself. Apparently, however, her magic cauldron indicates that even the Kong Family is considered more beautiful than her. Enraged, Gruntilda takes the opportunity to kill the Kongs, with the sole exception of Donkey Kong. King K. Rool, enraged from Gruntilda's over-stepping her boundaries, sets off to kill her. While his aerial assault fails due to the incompetence of his Kremlings, the King himself attacks in full boxing regalia. Despite throwing up a magic shield and a wide diversity of magic attacks, Gruntilda ultimately meets her match in K. Rool, falling from a tower to a presumed death.

Return to Prominence

In Round Four, Gruntilda emerges from her stone prison, having been released by her sisters. She then contacts her allies: Captain Onishima, Dagoth Ur, The Sorceress, and LeChuck. When both Onishima and LeChuck are killed in battle, Gruntilda turns to King Bohan, an associate of Dormin, for assistance. Gruntilda has the Sorceress try to kill Bowser, but Bowser manages to kill her.

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