Grigori Rasputin (Hellboy)

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Grigori Rasputin is the primary antagonist of the first movie, Hellboy. A different incarnation from the original real life character, Rasputin is a powerful sorcerer, who sides with the Nazis, in order to achieve his goals. This version of the character appears, as the Live-Action counterpart of the same character from the animated movie, Anastasia, for only a short screentime, in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

For information, regarding about the character's origins, see here.

Movies Villains War

Vs Palpatine

In a plot to take down the leader of the Galactic Empire, the dark wizard Rasputin resurrected the demonic hellhound Sammael using the tears of angels. Catching wind of Rasputin's plans, Emperor Palpatine and his protege, Anakin Skywalker, made a deal with the alien criminal Serleena, as she gave them a killer alien known as the Xenomorph. The alien was sent out to meet Sammael, confronting the demon of desolation as he was feeding. The two beasts fought in a vicious brawl. Ultimately, the much larger Xenomorph emerged victorious, tearing Sammael apart.

While the two monsters were fighting, Rasputin and his associate, Lord Blackwood, traveled to Coruscant, where they confronted Palpatine. Unintimidated, the emperor drew his lightsaber, while Blackwood produced a magic sword of his own. The two clashed blades, but the younger Blackwood out-fenced Palpatine and backed him into a corner. Blackwood then departed, leaving Rasputin to finish the job. However, just then, Anakin arrived on the scene, but was shocked to see his old friend Rasputin there, as it turned out that Rasputin had protected Anakin when he was a child. Palpatine unleashed force lightning on Rasputin, but the wizard used his magic gauntlet to deflect the lightning back on Palpatine. Severely wounded and disfigured, Palpatine begged the conflicted Anakin for help. Ultimately, Anakin chose his new mentor over his old friend, stabbing Rasputin with his lightsaber. With his foe distracted, Palpatine unleashed force lightning on Rasputin once again, completely obliterating him.

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