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Grendel is a key antagonist in the 2007 animated film, Beowulf. Unlike the Grendel of the actual Beowulf epic, the Grendel of the film is a tortured creature that only kills people because they torture him. Grendel is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Kill the King

Summoned by Pitch Black to wreak havoc across the land, Grendel spends a great deal of time terrorizing the court of Lord Farquaad. One night, Lord Farquaad himself appears, backed by his new body guard, Tai Lung. Tai Lung launches a knife into Grendel, but the monster shrugs off the blow. Grendel knocks his snow leopard foe aside with a light backhand. Tai Lung rains several blows upon Grendel's exposed eardrums, infuriating the monster further. Grendel bashes in Tai Lung's ears and proceeds to kick him aside. Farquaad, though, gets the worst of it; Grendel tears him clean in half.


Grendel meets his end at the hands of Prince Charming, who invades Grendel's lair because of his vendetta against Pitch Black. When Grendel first sees the Prince, he lunges at him; the Prince manages to keep him at bay with his sword. Grendel manages to dodge most of the swipes and grab Charming by the throat. Prince Charming begins singing, butchering Grendel's sensitive eardrums. With Grendel in an agitated state, it is all too easy for Charming to hack off the monster's arm. Pitch Black carries the dying Grendel to his mother's side, allowing her to see her child die.