Granny Squirrel

The Granny Squirrel is a minor character in the Disney animated film, The Sword in the Stone. An obese squirrel, who got an affection to Merlin, while in his squirrel form, before his revealation to the squirrel, as a human being and sorcerer, that drove her back into the forest, the Granny Squirrel briefly appears in Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, though not displayed as the real character, but rather as the subsequent transformation of one of the characters of the series. On an interesting note, the Granny Squirrel is voiced by Martha Wentworth, who also voiced Madam Mim in the same movie.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The Granny Squirrel is not featured physically in the tournament's storyline. Instead, the existence of the squirrel is represented by the resulted and subsequent transformation of Orwen, one of the witches of Morva, transformed by Merlin's magic, during the siege at the Forbidden Mountains. She is reverted into her normal form, by the end of the battle, thanks to her sisters' magic.

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