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Gort, Mort and Wart are minor characters from the U.S Acres/Orson's Farm comic strip. They also appear in the cartoon series Garfield and Friends as the main antagonists of the Orson's Farm segments.

They are Orson´s three older brothers. They are a trio of big, dimwitted, brutish hogs and have been portrayed as bullies. They played a much bigger role in the TV series Garfield and Friends than they ever did in the comic strip, where they were never mentioned by name. They stopped appearing in the comic strip after Orson was taken away from his mother. They began appearing as tormentors to Orson in the cartoon series.

Most of the time, the three hogs would kidnap Orson and his friends, and the brothers would do mean things to them such as tie them in sacks while they set out to steal all the vegetables from Orson's farm. They ultimately do not succeed, however, as Orson and his friends find creative ways to stop and defeat his brothers by using Orson's smarts to offset his brothers' size advantage and intellectual disadvantage.

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