Gorbash 2

Gorbash is one of the main protagonists of the Rankin/Bass animated movie, The Flight of Dragons, which was loosely based on the Gordon R. Dickson's novel, The Dragon and the George. One of the champions of the "Green Wizard" Carolinus, as well as one of his main enforcers, Gorbash was tasked in stopping Ommadon from taking over the world, though he was emerged with Peter Dickison in the process by an indirect spell of Carolinus, leaving his personality to be influenced under his skin, ending his role and leaving Dickison in command of the dragon's body. Gorbash appears in Heroes vs. Villains War, assuming a similiar role to the original film, although he is emerged with Dickison by Jafar's spell instead of Carolinus. By the Epilogue of the first war, Gorbash is seperated from Peter through the spell of the Good Fairy, leaving the dragon once again in command of his own body.

Heroes Vs Villains War

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