Goliath is the main protagonist of the television series, Gargoyles. A gargoyle, who is cursed to turn into stone statue by daylight, along with his fellow clan members, Goliath has a past history with the "humans", and seeks to liberate the gargoyle clans, and earning their trust with the humans. He is known to have survived previous challenges, including the corrupt businessman David Xanatos, his former mate Demona, and the sinister sorcerer, the Archmage, although he would face more difficult challenges in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War. He also appears in the second Heroes vs. Villains War as one of the major combatants.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Saw by a human

Elisa and her gargoyle friends noticed the bank robbery on the television, which had an angry Goliath heading off to find the source.

Battle at Cobra Industries

April decide to check out what Stockman was up to. Elisa, Miranda, and Bonkers arrived at Cobra Industries, but were confronted by some of his staff. Goliath and his clan arrived to distract them to the surprise of Bonkers and Miranda. Elisa told them to move forward while she helped her friends. The Joes arrived shortly after, only to be confronted by some of Dr. Anton Sevarius' scientists. With the help from Snake Eyes, they were able to get through. Stockman and the other scientists found April meddling with their equipment and decided to eliminate her with their creations. Lilo and Stitch made it through the sewers under Cobra Industries, only to be bombarded with mousers. Thankfully they were saved by someone they didn't expect. After escaping from Sevarius' crew, the Joes were then confronted by Viceroy's monster, the Krackenstein. They soon found themselves outmatched by the monster and captured by Sevarius. One of them managed to escape. Ordered by Elisa, Miranda and Bonkers followed the path to where the mousers came from, only to then be encountered by a swarm of them. After fighting off some of them, they both managed to pass through. Elisa ended up cornered by the mousers, only to be saved by Goliath and his clan. Assured by Elisa they weren't to be feared, April decided she needs their help in order to stop Stockman and his crew. The Joes ended up being part of Mindbender's experiment, only to be stopped by Goliath. It isn't long until everyone else arrived on the scene to fight off what's left off the mousers, the Bio-vipers, and the Krackenstein. Eventually, April (with the help of Lexington) managed to overwrite the mousers to explode. Unfortunately it appeared someone didn't make it.

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