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The Goblin General is the general of the notorious goblins of the Nightmare King, and a lesser minion of the Nightmare King, himself. He is the secondary villain in the animated movie, "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland". The Goblin General plays a minor role in original events of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Pre War: World Domination through the Crystal of Darkness

Before the first war begins, Chernabog assembles his forces, included the Nightmare King's and the Emperor of Night's on Bald Mountain to explain that the Crystal of Darkness is complete assembled and that the time has come for the trio to strike down the heroes. Amongst the forces of Chernabog, the Goblin General is featured in a cameo appearance, along with the other minions of the Nightmare King. After the Crystal's annihilation, the Nightmare King and his forces go into hiding, sweaing revenge on Chernabog for not sharing the world with him and the Emperor.

A Possible Defeat

The Goblin General is featured briefly, as he is sucked on, along with the other minions of the Nightmare King and the Demons and Ghosts of Chernabog, by the King's fury.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

After the Nightmare King absorbs all of Samhain's spirits, and of course the pumkin king himself, he also absorbs some lesser minions of his own, and possibly the Goblin General too.