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Gleeman Vox is an evil businessman and the main antagonist of Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator.

He appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever in Dr. Nefarious's alliance and in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever in a major role.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Gleeman Vox was a slademan, born in a distant planet far away in Shadow Sector. He was often ridiculed and abused in his childhood, because he had more intelligence than most of the kids and even adults of his species. To prove his detractors wrong, he decided to become an entrepeneur. He quickly founded several successful business ventures, which includes airways, factories and a Holovision Network. He didn't just make money from those business ventures however, but also by aiding some of the worst criminal groups across the galaxy and beyond. He worked with the Blargs, Tyrrhanoids, the Metarex, Harkonnen Family, Gasmoxians, the Decepticons and Robo-Pirates. He was pretty much responsible for making Robo-Pirates as large of a threat as they became across the galaxy, as he produced them ammunition in his factories, and helped to fund some of their own Robo-Pirate factories. He also influenced several elections across the planets in Shadow Sector, installing rulers who would let him set up his own businesses on their planets.

However, Vox's greatest creation came when he encountered Rigatoni, an intergalactic ringmaster, who asked him a permission to bring his circus to Shadow Sector, as well as capture new workers for the circus. Gleeman Vox got a million dollar idea inspired by Rigatoni's circus. What if he pit different intergalactic superheroes against eachother in illegal fights? Thus, DreadZone was born. With the assistance of Rigatoni's experience in capturing innocent heroes, he created a new hit show that became the number one show in trashiest planets across the universe.

Vox wanted to expand his show to planets that didn't have it yet, so he sent a DZ Striker to capture the biggest heroes from those planets, so he could use these heroes to get revenue to his show from those worlds. This included Twinsun, the asteroid belt of a former planet known as Astara, Glade of Dreams and finally, a secluded blue planet known as Earth.