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Gigasmon is Grumblemon's Beast Spirit form.AppearanceEditGigasmon is a beast-hybrid Digimon that resembles a rock-like giant monsterDigimon FrontierEditGigasmon first appeared in episode 6 and easily defeated the heroes, seperating them. In "You Can't Keep A Grumblemon Down", Gigasmon defeated Kazemon and stole Zoe's Spirit. He was then knocked off the cliff by KendoGarurumon.Later on, Gigasmon defeated Kumamon and stole Tommy's Spirit. He fought against Agunimon and chased him out of the forest. But then,when Gigasmon used his Tectonic Slam attack on Agunimon, he missed and was trapped. Agunimon slide-evolved to BurningGreymon and destroyed Gigasmon and stole his spirit. AttacksEditQuagmire TwisterTectonic Slam          Records Vs The heroes O [Quaqmire Twister] Vs Kazemon O [Super punch] Vs Kumamon O [Quaqmire Twister] Vs Burninggreymon X [Burning Storm]