Gideon Gleeful

"Li'l" Gideon Charles Gleeful is one of the primary antagonists in the first season of the television series, "Gravity Falls". A spolied and psychic child, yet a talented con artist. Gideon many times manipulate and intimate others into giving him what he wants. Gideon is a major player in Disney Villains War - Part Three.

Disney Villains War 3


Gideon makes his first introduction in the war, as he posseses a magic skull, that might would give him power. However, the Huntsclan arrive on his lair to obtain the skull for themselves. Gideon doesn't take this kindly and summons Bill Cypher to deal with them. During the fight, Gideon uses his telekenetic powers from Cypher to throw the young Huntsman, who Cypher turned him into, across the room. When Cypher gets hitted by the Huntsgirl, causing for the Huntsman to return to his physical form, he and Gideon are forced to teleport away, leaving the skull in the Huntsclan's possesion.

Cartoon Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

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