The Giant Mutant Spider is a minor villain in the animated film, "Wizards". A giant creature, residing in an underground cave. The Mutant Spider plays a minor role in Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

A Giant Distraction

The Mutant Spider falls under the control of Blackwolf. When the wizard confronts the good fairies of Sean and Magi Lune, he has the mutant creature to finish them off. At first, Crysta shoots the creature with some of her magic, injuring him a halve. The creature then knocks out Crysta into a nearby tree, leaving her unconsious for the time being, before it could turn it's intentions to the other fairies. However, Sean blasts the spider with his own magic, killing him instantly. Despite his defeat, Blackwolf was keeping him as a distraction for the fairies, leaving his mutant army to strike against the fairies, killing Sean in the process.

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