The Giant Crystalline Monster is a minor villain in the television show, "Hercules", appearing in the episode, "Hercules and the Underworld Takeover". Created by the magic of Hecate. The Crystalline Monster is the result of the Crystal, that Hecate uses to drain the powers of Hades, after Hecate stole a portion of his flaming powers, transforming later into a giant monster, after the Crystal drains all of the powers of Hades. The Giant Crystalline Monster is a minor player in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two


The construction of the Crystal Monster is unknown. It may be either created by Hecate's magic or being a part of the Crystal of Darkness, that it's been separated from the other parts of the Crystal and influenced by the dark magic of the Crystal, it resulted to the giant monster that it is. All that is known is that Hecate sends the Crystalline Monster after Nergal and Count Marzo. While the monster proves enough, as he knocks away Nergal, it was no match against Marzo's magical abilities, which they destroy the monster. Marzo then takes the source of the crystal monster, a flaming orb, so that the monster wouldn't reconstruct itself.

Disney Villains War 2

Sent to Destroy

In this war, Mirage is the master of the Crystalline Monster. She drains Hades' power into a crystal, usurping him, making herself the queen of the Underworld. When Mirage and her allies get under attack by the Sorcerer's Society, Mirage brings the Crystalline Monster to her ally, Hecate, as a weapon to test it's powers. Hecate has the Crystalline Monster to attack Yzma, knocking her off. Yzma then was avenged by Madam Mim, as she transforms herself inti a rhino and charges at the monster at full speed, tearing it apart.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

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