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Ghostfreak or Zs'Skayr is one of Ben Tennyson's original aliens turned rogue and a secondary antagonist in the Ben 10 franchise.

Animated Villains vs Video Gaems Villains

Vs Dr.Cortex

After his previous defeat, Cortex planned to use his power crystal to help him defeat the invaders. However, before he could even use his crystal, Ghostfreak had returned from hiding and took the power crystal from Cortex. With the crystals power, he was able to open a portal to the animated dimension and summon a minion as well, the Yenaldooshi. Cortex shot the Yenaldooshi, destroying it, with his ray gun and then fired a shot at Ghostfreak. This only enraged the alien, but Cortex tackled him back through the portal. Cortex then reclaimed the crystal in victory.

Ghostfreak in The CGI Universe