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Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space

The Genie of the Lamp (commonly known simply as "Genie") is one of the central figures in the Disney film Aladdin, as well as one of the most recognizable Disney characters. An ancient spirit possessing "phenomenal cosmic power", he is bound to serve whoever holds his magic lamp, which can be either heroes like Aladdin or villains like Jafar. He is one of the mightiest forces of good in the Disney Heroes vs Villains series.

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Slave of Jafar

Now alone, Iago located and gave Jafar what he had been looking for: a magic lamp. Not to waste any time, Jafar used his first wish to be able to go between the two dimensions at his will.

Tired of searching, and seeking the great power he had promised for collecting them all, Jafar used his second wish to bring all the remaining Princesses of Heart to him. Though they were unaware that they were being watched by Bowser, who quickly kidnapped Peach to stop their plans. Despite Syndrome's efforts, Bowser escaped with Peach.

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According to Islamic folklore, djinni (or "genies" as they have come to be known in the West) are an ancient race of spirits, neither human, angel, nor demon but separate from all. Some sources claim that Allah created the genies to serve him before he created humanity, but the genies were too independent and refused to serve Allah, so he cast them out.

Powerful, elemental creatures, the genies built a great civilization in the desert wastes of Arabia, though they often warred with humanity, which they saw as arrogant, greedy, and short-sighted. A few humans found a way to use magic to bind a genie to a magic item such as a lamp, calling upon the genie's vast cosmic powers to grant wishes, though the genies' ancient and immutable laws prevented a genie bound in this way from granting any more than three wishes.

Fearing that the genies would eventually rise up and wipe out all of humanity, a tribe known as the Mukhtars began developing a system of warfare designed to counter genies. The Mukhtars attacked the genie empire and, with their unique combat abilities and weaponry, destroyed the mighty civilization in the course of a single night. Those genies that survived were scattered across the Earth, more isolated than ever before. For their act of attempted genocide, the Mukhtars were cursed with an inhuman appearance.

One particular genie, his true name known only to himself and his kind, found himself alone in a vast and uncaring world. Despite his great powers, he could not find any more of his race, and grew desperately lonely. Braving the danger of the human world, the genie tried to make friends among humanity, and found one in the person of the human King Solomon. Amazed by Solomon's wisdom and kindness, the genie agreed to serve him even while not bound to a lamp. The genie's favor made Solomon the most wealthy and powerful man in the world... something that attracted many enemies.

The rulers who coveted Solomon's power could not contest his rule while he was still alive, but that changed after his death. During Solomon's funeral ceremony, the enemy rulers ambushed the genie and bound him to a lamp. However, before they could use the Genie's power for their own dark desires, they were thwarted by the powerful sorcerer Merlin, who managed to take the lamp from them and seal it in Solomon's hidden treasury, which would later come to be known as the "Cave of Wonders". Merlin knew that only someone who could use the Genie's power wisely and for the betterment of mankind would be able to brave the Cave's many dangers and claim the lamp.

Merlin's knowledge proved true when the lamp containing the Genie was found by a petty thief from the sultanate of Agrabah named Aladdin. With the Genie at his side, Aladdin thwarted the schemes of the evil vizier Jafar and won the heart of Princess Jasmine. Unexpectedly, even to the Genie, Aladdin used his final wish to free the Genie from the lamp. As thanks, the Genie agreed to serve Aladdin of his own free will, just as he served Solomon long ago. However, Jafar still craved the power that the Genie could grant him, and will stop at nothing to return the ancient spirit to the lamp. And the wicked Maleficent just may have enough power to do that...

Vs Hades

Arriving in Agrabah, Hades effortlessly dethroned the Sultan. Seeing this, the former thief Aladdin went to confront the evil god, but Hades destroyed the balcony Aladdin was standing on with a fireball. Thankfully, the powerful Genie cushioned Aladdin's fall by transforming himself into a couch. Princess Jasmine, the Sultan's daughter, joined her lover Aladdin in the courtyard on his Flying Carpet, and Aladdin leaped on to face Hades in the air. Hades knocked them back to Earth with a blast of hellfire, then started to destroy the city around them. The Genie stretched himself out like a bridge so that the others could get to safety. As Aladdin and friends fled the city, Hades claimed Agrabah for himself.

Vs Ursula and Morgana

Approaching Ursula and her sister Morgana in Atlantica, Jafar told the two sea witches that he had a task for them as payment for his attack on Triton. He had discovered that the Genie was searching the world for heroes to aid Aladdin and Hercules, and asked Ursula to capture him so that Jafar would have access to the Genie's cosmic power. Finding their quarry, Morgana sent her pet manta rays Cloak and Dagger after him, but Genie used his magic to wrap the rays around a rock. Ursula then stepped into the battle, using her own magic to scorch the Genie's face before revealing Jafar had given her a powerful magic crystal that could bind Genie within it. Performing the necessary spell, Ursula succeeded in capturing Genie.


Meanwhile, Merlin returned to his cottage, having rescued Arthur from the wolf, only to find the place in shambles and Ariel the only one unharmed. As Merlin stewed over their losses, Archimedes noticed Genie's crystal had somehow made its way into the cottage. Merlin destroyed the crystal and released the Genie, to Arthur's surprise, and the benevolent spirit agreed to help Merlin in his fight with Maleficent.

Listening to Ariel

As Arthur and Archimedes told Ariel and the Genie what had happened, they decided they were no longer safe in Merlin's cottage. At Ariel's suggestion, they chose to seek refuge in the sea. The Genie transformed Ariel back into a mermaid and Arthur and Archimedes into fish, and they escaped beneath the waves before Maleficent's forces could find them.

Found by Jetsam and Flotsam

In the seas, Ursula's eel minions Flotsam and Jetsam had found where Ariel, the Genie, Arthur, and the other remaining members of Merlin's group were hiding. The eels revealed that Ursula had captured Prince Eric, but would release him if Ariel surrendered herself. Though the other heroes were sure that it was a trap, Ariel was unwilling to leave Eric to Ursula's mercy and swam off to find him.

Battle Under the Sea

Beneath the waves, Ursula and her allies were lying in wait for Ariel and the other heroes, who had followed Ariel to make sure she was safe. Marina and her electric eels chased after Arthur while Glut appeared behind Ariel and Flounder, trying to maul them. As Genie prepared to help, the Leviathan arrived, managing to stand up to Genie's immense power and fire on him with its weapons, knocking him out of the fight.The Leviathan made to attack the Atlanteans, but Genie fired another blast of magic at it just as an Atlantean ship fired at the same spot, the concentrated fire managing to destroy the war machine.It appeared Ursula had been defeated, but she tossed the rocks aside and made to attack the heroes again, but Genie came to their defense, shocking Ursula with electricity and knocking her out. Genie quickly transported the heroes back to the surface before Ursula could recover again.

Promise to keep the contact

Back on land after their run-in with Ursula, Arthur, the Genie, and Eric promised to keep in contact with Ariel and Milo's team in case trouble arose again.

Under Jafar's rules

Deciding to use his first wish from the imprisoned Genie, Jafar demanded that the Genie not only restore his powers, but make him the most powerful sorcerer in the world, more powerful even than Maleficent.

Battle of Agrabah

Aladdin and a small army of resistance fighters arrived in Agrabah and prepared to lay siege to the palace. Summoning the Genie, Jafar commanded him to lift the building onto a mountain, making it easier to defend.The heroes stormed the palace, only for Jafar to emerge and use his second wish to command the Genie to attack. Though the laws of the lamp prevented him from killing anyone, the Genie had no choice but to summon an army of monsters to attack the heroes for him. Jafar prepared to depart with the Genie; Aladdin tried to stop him, but the Titan tossed a boulder at Aladdin, knocking him from the Flying Carpet.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Vs Keldor

While relaxing at the Sultan's palace in Agrabah, having grown weary after the previous war, Aladdin and his companions were ambushed by ruthless warriors led by the sorcerer Keldor, who arrived with intentions to claim the city as their own. The royal guards attempted to stop Keldor, only for him to easily dispatch them. Transforming into a pro wrestler, the Genie, joined by Jasmine, took on the warriors, besting Kronis and Beast Man effortlessly. Meanwhile, Tri-Klops traded blows with Aladdin, though the villain was driven into the path of the Genie, who blasted him down. Fed up by his warriors' incompetence, Keldor stepped forward to end the nuisance himself, locking blades with the street rat. While focusing on his rival, Aladdin was intercepted by Beast Man, who tossed his blade away, leaving Keldor to cut his arm. While distracted taunting his rival, Keldor was left open to Jasmine, who splashed him with a goblet filled with poison, partially melting his face. In agonizing pain, Keldor fled, followed by his warriors.

Saving Avatar

Before Ariel, Katara, and Sokka head off to go rescue Aang, Aladdin and his crew arrive and says they're here to help.Hook, Pete, and Shan-Yu deliver Aang to Zuko. Right as the trade-off is starting, Aladdin and co arrive to the rescue. Soon a battle on the ship breaks out. Things don't seem to look good until Aang reveals his true powers to his friends and enemies.Right as the heroes make a getaway, Zuko and Iroh try to make one final attack only to be counterattacked by an unexpected surprise.Aang tells his friends how he never wanted to be the Avatar and is worried about the war. Everyone tells him it will be okay and that they will be with him during the journey.

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Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Nox

In Agrabah Aladdin and Jasmine were flying around until Nox's Pet the Igole spots them and this gives off a single leading Nox to the power force of the Genie. When Nox stops them he goes after Genie, but with Aladdin around can he be successful?