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General Woundwort is a savage rabbit warlord who appeared in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war. He is the primary antagonst of the Richard Adams children's novel, Watership Down, and the subsequent animated adaptation, which has become notorious among animated film fans for its violence and gore.

General Woundwort in the TV series.

Disney Vs. Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Kaa

During the war, Woundwort confronts Kaa the python. Kaa wants his land back, but Woundwort refuses. Furious, Kaa hypnotizes a dog into killing Woundwort. The dog leaps at Woundwort and tears him to shreds.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Vs Claudandus

Mok creates a formula to enhance healing powers and intelligience in animals. He finds two animals that have been successes and pits them against each other. Claudandus and General Woundwort leap at each other, wrestling each other to the finish. General Woundwort's paw manages to slice open Claudandus, Claudandus' organs spilling everywhere, while Woundwort himself grins.

New Allies and Enemies

Mojo Jojo, one of the other animals Mok has performed experiments upon, forms a faction of animals working to overthrow Mok and take revenge. Woundwort is one of the first sign-ups, serving as the strategist of the group. However, a newcomer arrives in Woundwort's home of Efrafa: Scarface. The fox attacks one of Woundwort's lieutenants, Vervain; Woundwort immediately intervenes. The two animals claw and tear at each other, with Woundwort leaving deep gashes in Scarface's stomach. But the fox soon gets the upper hand and throws Woundwort into a tree. Just before Scarface tears into the general, Vervain distracts the opponent. Woundwort is too late to stop Scarface from murdering Vervain, but he does manage to beat the fox down. Just before Woundwort delivers the lethal blow, Scarface murmurs that he will be avenged. Still infuriated over the loss of Vervain, Woundwort simply breaks Scarface's neck.

Death at the Battle of Animal Farm

Woundwort and Mojo Jojo discover that Napoleon ordered the attack upon Efrafa. After much deliberation, they decide to take down Napoleon's lair of Animal Farm. Napoleon and his rabbits attack on the front lines, facing down Napoleon's subordinates and attack dogs. As Woundwort and his men manage to reach the crest of a hill, Jenner, a traitor to Mojo Jojo's faction, sets some bats upon them. Jenner is then killed by Dolf, a member of Napoleon's group who is attempting a coup of his own. Woundwort leaps at Dolf, only for Drake, one of Mojo's allies to knock him back; the brutish penguin has mistaken Woundwort for killing Jenner. When Drake rushes Woundwort again, the rabbit manages to knock him back.

Woundwort watches on in horror as Mojo Jojo transforms himself into a giant and begins tearing up the landscape. Woundwort ends up losing his footing on the damaged terrain, hanging on to a ledge for dear life. He is thus helpless to stop Dolf from shooting him in the face, causing Woundwort to fall off the ledge to his death.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Against a cat

Having spent several weeks developing a serum that enhances healing and other abilities (namely intelligence) Mok was surprised to see two subjects (a cat Claudandus and a rabbit Woundwort) display positive results. To see how well they evolved, he pitted them against one another. the animals leaped at each other, wrestling each other to the finish. The two animals teared at each other, both managing to score blows on the other's stomachs. In one final pounce, Claudandus tried to kill his foe, but Woundwort managed to tear his stomach clean open. With Claudandus' organs spilling everywhere, Woundwort grinned.

Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

In Napoleon's faction

Napoleon has called the animals from all over the world such as General Woundwort, Warren T. Rat, Jenner, Cat R. Waul, Drake, The Mouse King, and all the animals of Animal Farm to create a perfect team, and he reveals them to the unsuspecting critters of Animal Farm, cementing his position as leader.

Heroes vs. Villains

Scar's Alliance

After he and Shere Khan left, Scar made his own alliance, such as his tiger partner, Shere Khan, Scar's mate, Zira, Shere Khan's python henchman, Kaa, an old house cat, Claudandus, and the dictator rabbit himself named General Woundwort.

A Mission for Claudandus

When Claudandus told them about Sharptooth being alive, Woundwort, Scar, and Zira told him to track Mowgli and Tarzan down.

Be Prepared

Scar and his allies sang "Be Prepared" while Timon and Pumbaa were spying. Woundwort and Scar's allies asked of him what they should prepare for. Timon and Pumbaa left to warn Simba, unaware that Pterano has spotted them.

An Agreement for an Alliance

When Kaa told Scar and his allies about joining Queen Grimhilde, Woundwort, Scar, and their allies agree to it. But Claudandus doesn't, due to having traumatic experiences with humans as an experiment. The feline leaves in disgust.

Arrived at Queen Grimhilde's Castle

When Scar and his allies arrived, Woundwort, Scar and the others accept the offer.

Meeting About the Attack

When the ACS arrive, Woundwort was crossed of what Cruella De Ville said. After the meeting ended, Scar knew where Pterano went, and left for battle.

Vs Simba's Forces

When Scar and his allies attacked, Woundwort fought up with a fox named Tod, telling him and Simba's forces that there is no where left to run. But Louie, an orangutan, saved Simba and his forces. After Tyler shoots the pillars, Scar, Grimhilde, and their allies retreated


As Scar and his allies (with the Animal Cruelty Squad's help) moved in for the kill, both Hexxus and The Firebird arrived. Scar, Woundwort, the A.C.S., and Scar's allies saw it all and retreated once again back to Queen Grimhilde's castle

Pterano Quits

When Pterano told Scar and his allies that he had enough of their villainy and accusations after Simba exiled him, Woundwort was crossed of what Pterano was saying. This made Scar and his allies mad, and Scar told Pterano to get out of his faction.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Scar's Alliance

After he and Shere Khan left, Scar made his own alliance, such as his tiger partner, Shere Khan, Scar's mate, Zira, Shere Khan's python henchman, Kaa, a hunk penguin, Drake, and the dictator rabbit himself named General Woundwort.

Villains Battles

Vs Shere Khan

While Scar is out helping Pete and Yosemite Sam, Shere Khan decides to help his friend by taking out one of his hated enemies. He then finds the evil rabbit General Woundwort, who plots to take out Scar when he finishes helping the criminal duo. Now it's a rabbit vs tiger fight, but who will win and who will become the prey?

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Elmer Fudd

To prove that he is a good Hunter, Elmer Fudd to hunt the wabbit, General Woundwort. What Elmer didn't know is that Shadow Beast and Lilith were testing the wabbit to the hunter. Will Woundwort be able to prove himself to Shadow Beast?