General Skun-Ka'pe is a major antagonist in the video game, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. An alien primate intent upon taking over the world, General Skun-Ka'pe is a secondary player in the Animated vs Video Game Villains War and a minor player in the Video Game Villains War.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Video Game Villains War

Skun-Ka'pe arrives on Planet Earth, intent upon conquering it with his giant monkey robot. In his path, he encounters Boss Cass, also fighting in a giant monkey mech. The two square off, with Skun-Ka'pe managing to destroy all of Cass's missiles as well as shoot his opponent out of his mech's cockpit. Before Skun-ka'pe can make the kill, though, Cass opens up a portal to another part of the world and lets Skun-Ka'pe get sucked in.

Skun-Ka'pe emerges from the other side of the portal, landing in the hellish lair of Jester, Vergil, and Ghadius. Though he perceives that he is in another dimension, he is told otherwise by Jester. Before Skun-ka'pe is able to find a means of escape, he is eviscerated as part of a ritual sacrifice.

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