General Grievous is the commander of the Separatist armies during the Clone Wars. He is a notable antagonist in the Star Wars film franchise and a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

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General Grievous Live action

General Grievous in The Live-Action Universe

The Neo Separatists

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Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Separatist Warrior

General Grievous is witness to the schemes of Emperor Palpatine, who wishes the Separatists to make their stand in the galaxy. Grievous gets his chance early on, when Tri-Klops destroys a small legion of Super Battle Droids. Tri-Klops manages to keep Grievous at bay with his various laser beams, but Grievous's agility affords him an edge in dodging the blasts. Grievous climbs up a wall and nearly cuts Tri-Klops down with his lightsabers, with Tri-Klops narrowly avoiding getting cut in two. Grievous is forced on the defensive again when Tri-Klops fires some missiles at him. This distracts Grievous long enough for Skeletor to transport Tri-Klops to safety.

Live-Action Action

General Grievous CGI

Grievous in the CGI Universe

General Grievous joins Palpatine and Count Dooku in traveling to the live-action universe. When the Separatists need to find a new headquarters, Grievous volunteers to make one. He selects a seemingly abandoned planet; yet it is not so abandoned as Grievous thinks, as a Predator lies in wait. Grievous sics his guards on the Predator, but the hunter destroys them. Grievous brings out his lightsabers, but the Predator manages to shoot one of his arms off. The Predator then bares its face, but its frightening visage does not scare Grievous. The Predator then slashes off another of Grievous's limbs with a boomerang. As the Predator prepares its camouflage, Grievous destroys the device. Whirling his lightsabers at rapid speed, Grievous slices right through his opponent, securing the Separatists a new home.

Alien Encounter

General Grievous pilots a ship leading the Separatist leadership to their new home, but a swarm of Xenomorphs boards the ship. Grievous sets the ship on autopilot and goes to take them down. One of the aliens leaps onto him, but he manages to cut it to pieces with his lightsabers. He later discovers a Xenomorph Queen in the ship's hangar. To destroy it, Grievous throws a spear into the spaceship's glass, leaving the alien to be blasted into the vacuum of space. Grievous survives by grappling back onto the ship.

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