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Gendo Ikari is an antagonist in Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Series. He's the chairman of NERV, militaristic organization that protects the world and Tokyo-3 from otherworld beings such as Angels. He is cold, desperate man with plans to end the world so he could recover his wife Yui. He's a major player in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and minor player in Worst Hero and Villain War Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


Gendo was born Gendo Rokubungi in 1969. He always had an interest in science, with the insanely advanced development of technology in Japan. Gendo's uncle worked in Gizmonic Institute in America, and willingly allowed Gendo to study in there. Gendo got along very well with one of the founders of Institute, Pearl Forrester. It was through Pearl Gendo heard of the existence of SEELE, a powerful organization responsible for funding the mass technological advancements in Japan, which supposedly had roots in Atlantean technology. Gendo also met Pearl's son, Clayton Forrester, working in the institute as a scientist, who Gendo didn't like, due to his obnoxious personality and obsession with ruling over others.

Gendo returned to Japan to finish his studies, where he ultimately met Yui Ikari. Gendo and Yui started working together on various experiments, and eventually fell in love and got married, allowing Gendo to change his surname to Ikari. SEELE informed Gendo and Yui that there was what appeared to be an alien embryo landed in Antarctica, which could advance the technology of Earth even further. Gendo formed a group of scientists to study the mysterious object. When regular people started getting a clue that there was a strange research going on in Earth, Gendo had to end the project, but secretly took the embryo with him, knowing that SEELE wanted it.

Father of the Third Child

Gendo called his son Shinji to pilot Evangelion Unit 01 against the attack of General Skun-Ka'pe and Tempest Orbital Frame. Since Shinji was depressed and hated Gendo, he refused, which led to Gendo choosing First Child Rei Ayanami instead. Appearance of blue-haired wounded girl made Shinji change his mind and pilot the EVA. After Shinji had defeated Tempest and Skun-Ka'pe when Unit 01 went berserk, Gendo seemed pleased.