Like every main villain in the Digimon Adventure 01, 02, and the Frontier they are minions .Contents [show] AppearenceGazimon are Rookie Level Digimon that resembles a cat-rabbit hybrid yet they stand on their hind legs. They have long tails and razor sharp non-retractable claws.Digimon Adventures 01The Gazimon were the servants of Etemon who loved his awful singing and operated his Dark Network and other grunt work. One seemed to have a pair of sunglasses like his. The Gazimon were sucked into the Dark Network along with several Monochromon and Tyrannomon. When Etemon was defeated after the fight with MetalGreymon, two more Gazimon plotted revenge against the DigiDestined but decided not to, since they had never liked Etemon. The two ate the mushrooms of forgetfulness.Digimon Adventures 02Some Gazimon were captured and became slaves to the Digimon Emperor.Two Gazimon, along Gabumon, were hostages to Red Vegiemon and his Vegiemon army. a bunch of Gazimon Their other most notable appearance were that some were partners to some french DigiDestined. One appeared during the final battle aganist MaloMyotismon. In a flashback, a Gazimon was seen emerging from the sand and attacking a young Ken Ichijouji, Wormmon and Ryo Akiyama. Digimon Frontier Edit Some Gazimon were seen at the Fortune Teller Village and the Autumn Leaf Fair during both visits. Some other Gazimon were seen at the forest in the Village of Flame. One of them told SkullSatamon the forest,s key to the fractal code in order to save his life , althrough SkullSatamon still killed him and collected his fractal code. AttacksElectric Stun BlastPitfall

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