Gazeem is a minor antagonist in the Disney movie, Aladdin. A bandit, usually working for Jafar, Gazeem briefly appears in the events of Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War


Gazeem was a thief from the moment of his birth. Stealing subtly from his parents, they usually lost some small change and an apple that Gazeem hid from them again. But Gazeem had one problem with stealing such stuff. His brother Abis Mal. Abis Mal, the older one of the two, had won his father's love and usually found the places where Gazeem hid his stolen stuff. Eating what was there and spending what coins there were to spend, Abis Mal used his brother in such a vile way. If their father however did find out that something was stolen Abis Mal was quick to point his sausage finger to his brother who was then beaten up for such trickery.

Not taking that his stupid, ugly brother got his father's attention, Gazeem made a plan to shove the blame for a theft into Abis Mal's shoes. But his brother was too stupid to fall for it...instead their father got caught up in the trouble and when he returned home, bloodied from having his hand cut off, he kicked Gazeem out from the house and took everything else from him.

Without a home now, Gazeem grew hateful of his brother and father but pushed those feelings aside. Feeling that he was made for the riches in life, he tried to join up with the forty thieves. But his luck once more took a turn for the worse when the thieves under the guidance of Sa'Luk turned him down and eventually robbed him out and used him to shove the blame on which got Gazeem into prison.

In prison, Gazeem seemingly fell into despair. Thinking that no one cared about him he also grew lonely. It was then that a strange old man approached him. The man, claiming to be the vizier of Agrabah told him of the success his brother had. Furiously, Gazeem swore that he would become a better thief than his brother could be with an entire gang of thieves. The man, smirking that he had spurred the thief took him under his wing and told him that his chance for greatness would come sooner than he thought.

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