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Garrett is one of the primary protagonists of the animated movie, Quest for Camelot. Initially a stable boy working in the court of Camelot and dreaming of a future as a knight, Garrett was blinded after a panicked horse kicked him in the face. Despite his circumstances, Garrett managed to train himself to fight with the aid of the knight Sir Lionel. Spending his days in the Forbidden Forest, Garrett was eventually joined by the falcon Ayden, as his "eyes," and by Lionel's daughter, Kayley, the latter of which he developed a romantic interest in, and the two-headed dragon, Devon and Cornwall. Garrett serves as one of the main enforcers of the hero alliance who battle the villains in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Garrett as a young stable boy prior to his blidness by the Headless Horseman in Heroes vs. Villains.