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Garland is the primary antagonist of the video game, Final Fantasy. A massive warrior wielding an equally large sword, Garland is the original form of Chaos, before enhanced by a temporal loop. In the spin-off franchise, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Garland is the de facto leader of Chaos's forces. He is a secondary player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

The Original Meeting

Chaos calls together his entire faction, so to look over his strength in the war. Garland assures Chaos of his warriors' loyalty, though Kefka and Sephiroth show signs of dissent.

Excursions in Russia

Garland is surveying portions of Russia for an invasion, when a mercenary named Jack Krauser attacks him with a knife. Garland takes several swings at his foe, but Krauser nimbly evades and blocks the blows with his knife. Eventually, a strong swipe from Garland's sword tears through Krauser's shirt. Garland dodges away from Krauser's reprisal, readying himself for another attack. However, Krauser realizes that he cannot defeat such a powerful foe and escapes.

A Secret Ally

Over the course of the war, the deadly Axel and Fortune eliminate Galenth Dysley, an associate of Chaos. However, it is revealed that Garland approved of the assassination, as Dysley was becoming a liability to Chaos's faction. The assassination, ordered by Revolver Ocelot, the same man who sent Krauser to be murdered by Garland, warrants a meeting between Ocelot and Garland. Though Garland congratulates Ocelot on his victory, he warns him of the dangers of using Organization XIII to achieve his ends. Such "manikens" are merciless destroyers to Garland. Garland leaves Ocelot to think about his decisions.

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