Gargoyle Raven

Gargoyle Raven is the form that Raven assumes to trick everyone he would meet, or mainly to fight powerfull enemies. Origined from the television series, "Gargoyles", this form has take the appearance of a raven, combined with a Gargoyle, making it look like a giant raven-gargoyle being. This form is used in many villains tournaments, including the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains tournament and the Disney vs. Marvel Villains tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Dealing with Stalker

Raven, in his gargoyle form, is summoned by Oberon to dispose off the leader of the Acolytes, Stalker. Upon meeting him in an underground cavern, Gargoyle Raven raises a tomahawk weapon to Stalker, only for the demon to knock him off. As soon as he recovers, Raven, still in his gargoyle form, attempts once again to raise his tomahawk weapon, Stalker knocks him out from the battle, though he survives the battle.

The Battle in Hell

During the final confrotantion of the Anti-Acolytes against the Acolytes, Raven awakens several beasts from a totem pole to fight Daolon Wong, while taking his gargoyle form at the same time. When the wooden beasts fall to Wong's magic, Raven takes himself on, as he confronts the sorcerer personally. However, Daolon Wong's magic proves superior to him, as he weakens Raven with two single blasts. Daolon Wong then summons a giant snake to his aid. The snake bites the Oberati, causing him to revert into his physical form, and then devours him alive.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Diablo's New Form

Raven's Gargoyle form is used as the monster form for Diablo, the pet sidekick of Maleficent, during the final events of the second war. Maleficent uses her powers to transform Diablo into Gargoyle Raven to battle Mordo's forces. Just as one of dark creatures reach the Raven, Diablo crashes it by throwing him from a high distance, Diablo then uses his newfound powers to create a massive explosion, killing all of his enemies in his area.

Final Strike

Diablo then challenges the Enchantress by flying right next to the sorceress. Despite his attack, the witch's powers deflect the Raven's attack by stopping him, before he would reach her. Gargoyle Raven is not seen again, since Maleficent reversed her spell, returning Diablo into his normal form.

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