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Gargoyle is the main antagonist of the anime series Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water. He is a ruthless, hateful leader of organization known as Neo-Atlantis, whose goal is to restore the glory of lost civilization of Atlantis and enslave the human race.

Gargoyle appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as a minor player, and Worst Hero and Villain War Ever as a major player.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Nemesis La Arwall was born in early 19th century. He was adopted by a group of Tartessians, direct descedants of the original Atlanteans spared by the Gods. Nemesis believed that he was a pure-blooded Atlantean from this.

Nemesis La Arwall became fascinated with technology of ancient Atlanteans, which supposedly was given to them by Poseidon in order to advance them over all others. Later in his life, Nemesis became a prime minister of Tartessos, and then plotted an overtaking of the monarchy, instead reinstating a fascist dictatorship known as Neo Atlantis. By wiping out most of Tartessos, Nemesis wanted to establish a new era, and changed his name to Gargoyle. Gargoyle also ended up invading the remaints of another lost continent known as Lemuria to expand his empire.

One day, Gargoyle was contacted by a fiery demon claiming to be an old ally of Poseidon, Malmoth. Malmoth, with the powers he had received from Poseidon himself, gifted Gargoyle a similar wisdom to the old God of the Oceans. From that Gargoyle started helping to manufacture extremely advanced technology.

Malmoth contacted him again few years later, just when Gargoyle's new arsenal of weapons was almost complete. He informed him that he saw a vision of the future, where he would ultimately be defeated thanks to a "Mighty One" and rest of humanity would find his technology and take it to themselves. Disgusted to the mere thought of Neo Atlantis failing to inferior species, Gargoyle accepted Malmoth's help, and Malmoth gave him new allies all the way from Japan, a group of kami, who had ability to possess regular humans.

The News of Change

One cold night, Gargoyle heard from one of his spies, Lady Caline, that the Mighty One had already arrived. Gargoyle gave him two kami, Gin and Kin, to make sure that the uprising of Neo Atlantis wouldn't be interrupted.