Gargarensis is the main antagonist of Age of Mythology video game. A mad cyclops achieving to become immortal, he seeks to release Kronos in order to reach his goals. He makes an enemy out of the Atlantean hero, Arkantos, which leads to his eventua defeat.

He appears in Worst Villain Tournament Ever and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


Gargarensis was the son of Poseidon. He worked as a soldier for the Atlantean Army, and became a high ranking military leader. Gargarensis was visiting the Island of Cyclops when Atlantis was destroyed by a massive storm, and after learning that the destruction of Atlantis was allowed by the Gods, he became furious. Gargarensis wanted to see the Gods die, and so he made a goal to release Kronos from Tartarus. For that he would need to retrieve Poseidon's trident.

Gargarensis later heard from his father that Odysseus killed his brother Polyphemus, and wanted revenge on Odysseus. But he had other plans in mind. He heard that Poseidon's trident was now on the island, inhabitated by former Atlanteans that the Gods had chosen to spare. Gargarensis couldn't get the trident himself, but he was aided by a fiery spirit who once had been allies with Poseidon, Malmoth. Malmoth introduced him to Kemsyt, who would also introduce him to Kamos, a minotaur pirate. Gargarensis sent Kamos to retrieve the trident. After few years, the trident was stolen, but Kamos lost it on his way to give it back to him.

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