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Gargamel is the main villain of The Smurfs.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Mirage

Mirage, seeking to increase her and Toffee's power, decided to hunt down a group of magical creatures known as Smurfs and harvest their magic energy for herself. Locating the Smurfs, Mirage found them in the possession of a wizard named Gargamel, who also sought to use them to increase his power. Taunting the wizard, Mirage teleported the Smurfs away, much to Gargamel's anger. Gargamel then used one of his magical devices to create a powerful wind, briefly staggering Mirage. However, the goddess proved to be far out of Gargamel's league in power, destroying the device and knocking the wizard back. Gargamel attempted to attack again, but Mirage decided to end the battle quickly, and teleported him into a river, where he was carried away by the current. However, unbeknownst to either of them, No Heart had been watching their battle with great interest.

Teaming with No Heart

Meanwhile, Gargamel, who had managed to climb out of the river and was vowing vengeance against his foes, was approached by No Heart, who offered him the chance to become his apprentice. Gargamel eagerly accepted.

Vs Mr.Crocker

Emboldened by his success against Ludo, Crocker decides to take out No Heart himself, confronting him as he is in the middle of taking command of Duke Igthorn's former army. However, Gargamel, eager to prove himself as a worthy ally, leaps to his master's defense. Although Crocker now has two fairies at his disposal, Gargamel is not to be underestimated...

Vs Queen Chrystalis

The Beast, wanting to end the threat of No Heart quickly, sends his ally, Queen Chrysalis, and her forces to attack the wizard's castle. Meanwhile, No Heart and Gargamel, seeing them coming and seeing an opportunity to deal a blow to the Beast's forces, head out to meet them. Queen Chrysalis may have the entire changeling army behind her, but a spell taken from the Grimorum may give the two sorcerers a fighting chance...

Final Battle

The time for vengeance has finally come, as No Heart launches a surprise attack on the Beast. With most of the Beast’s minions either dead or having deserted him, Gargamel and the Ogres are able to easily dispatch his Troll bodyguards, while No Heart moves on to face his hated enemy alone. However, the Beast is able to use his complete control over the forest and his mastery of illusions to his advantage, summoning up a ghostly vision of No Heart’s deceased daughter in an attempt to break his spirit. Is this the end for No Heart?

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Seeing Archmage's death

No Heart learns of the death of the Archmage, and decides to investigate whatever is weakening the magic, and determine its cause before it’s too late.

Manuel's Villains War

Vs Queen Grimhilde

In Queen Grimhilde´s Castle, the evil wizard named Gargamel talks about the transformation as witch to Queen Grimhilde , Gargamel using a magic wand to transform as witch, his cat named Azrael is scared and then Queen Grimhilde as a witch and Gargamel is laughing. Queen Grimhilde is laughing after Snow White eaten by a poison apple, soon Gargamel and Azrael arrived to chase Queen Grimhilde as a witch to escape to a nearby forest, but Queen Grimhilde is climbed up the mountain and Gargamel use a magic wand to thunder and defeat Queen Grimhilde. And she fallen with the rock.

Joining Grand Duke of Owls

In the underworld after the death of Hades, The Grand Duke of Owls which has also joined with Magica De Spell and his crow Poe De Spell , Gargamel, his cat Azrael, Hogatha and Samhain .

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