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Ganondorf is the primary antagonist of The Legend of Zelda video game franchise. The wielder of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf is one of the most well-known villains in gaming. He has been featured in two of the spin-off tournaments, Animated vs. Video Game Villains War and Video Game Villains War. His Legend of Zelda Animated Series version has appeared on Worst Villain Tournament Ever in Mother Brain's alliance.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains War - Part 3

While establishing his power base, Ganondorf comes across a new threat in the form of the rogue AI, AUTO. Wanting to dispose of the threat quickly, the wizard sends out his robot soldiers to deal with the AI. However, AUTO easily disposes of the machines, forcing Ganondorf to take a more direct approach. The dark wizard personally confronts AUTO aboard his ship, launching a powerful blast of dark magic at his opponent. AUTO manages to dodge the attack and knock Ganon to the floor with an electrical current, but the dark warrior recovers just as the malevolent machine is preparing to finish him off. He then stabs AUTO with his sword, shutting the robot down for good.

In the aftermath of the battle, Ganondorf is approached by Lord Shen, there on the behalf of the High King Pitch Black. Shen reveals that two of the lords in Pitch's council, Hopper and King Candy, have rebelled against him and occupied the kingdom of Duloc. Hearing this, Ganon comments on the stormy political climate. Shen goes on to explain that he and Pitch wish to send a message to the rebels, by declaring Ganondorf the new Lord Of Duloc, in title if not in practice. Ganondorf gleefully accepts this offer.

Animated vs. Video Game Villains War

Watching some Villains

From a secret base, Ganondorf watched both the footage of LeChuck, King Dedede, and Meta-Knight getting sucked into the mysterious portal.

Attacking Maleficent

Ganondorf, hearing about Maleficent's growing army sent Bowser to test one of her members to see if they were strong enough to use a Subspace Bomb on.

New Plans for Ancient Minister

After his fight with Megatron, the Ancient Minister returned to the Subspace Bomb Factory only for Ganondorf to appear and put the next part of the plan into action, by blowing up the factory. When the Ancient Minister tried to stop it, Ganondorf revealed he had other plans for him as well and ordered the ROB units to fire on him, leaving the Ancient Minister a flaming wreck in the factory.

Getting orders from his master

Master Hand ordered Ganondorf that once the Factory exploded, to bring out the "big guns."

Against Maleficent Forces

Ganondorf and Bowser exited subspace with a powerful airship. Then they spotted Charles Muntz' blimp, Vector's airship and the Cyclonians. Instead of wasting firepower on them, Ganondorf signalled Kuja's silver dragons to attack Maleficent's airforce. The dragons were destroyed, so Ganondorf was forced to uses his ship's heavy arsenal of lasers. Many of the Cyclonians and Muntz's canine air force were hit by the lasers. Muntz ordered Vector to destroy Ganondorf's ship, but as he made the order, Ganondorf fired his ship's most powerful blast directly at the Spirit of Adventure, destroying it and killing Muntz. Once Vector was in position, he fired his ray gun at the subspace ship. The blast destroyed the ship, so Bowser and Ganondorf were forced to retreat.

Now that their defenses had been destroyed, Maleficent, Jafar, Tai Lung, Pete, a Shadow Clone of Oogie Boogie (Made by the bag of bugs himself so he could still recover at the base) and Master Xehanort entered the scene. They were immediately attacked by Wario, Gruntilda and her sisters, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kefka, and Kuja. Right off the bat, Tai Lung was able to crush both of Grunty's sisters causing the bag of bones to temporary flee. Bowser fired his cannon at the clone which easily disposed of it. Though Tai Lung and Jafar easily destroyed the cannon, Grunty returned in a huge tank to protect herself and started firing one huge spell. But when Maleficent made Gruntilda drop the spell things got explosive. After watching the tank explode, Wario decided that if he stayed around, he'd end up like Gruntilda and left the battlefield, Bowser joined him shortly after a failed battle with Pete. While all this commotion was going on, Kefka convinced Kuja to join the fray. He did so but was easily disposed of by Jafar. Out of nowhere, Braig entered the battlefield. While he was easily defeated he claimed he was "buying time" and left. Meanwhile Master Xehanort found Princess Peach and absorbed her power. Using her power and the power from the other 6 princesses he was able to summon Kingdom Hearts over the battlefield and tried to absorb its power. Seeing that the ruse was up, Xehanort had Vanitas go and kill Tai Lung. After seeing his murder (and after being decked by Ganondorf) Pete decided it was time for him to get out of this fight. Ganondorf summoned Master Hand to the fight, seeing this Master Xehanort revealed that the giant hand was actually being controlled by Tabuu. But before Ganondorf could react, Jafar summoned a portal that banished Ganondorf to an unknown realm.

Disney vs Anime Villains War

Disney vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Video Game Villains War

Round One

Ganondorf vs. Kessler

Prior to the events of Video Game Villains War, Kessler chained Ganondorf to the events of VGVW while traveling back in time. When Kessler returns to use Ganondorf's abilities for his plans, Ganondorf escapes his bonds and engages Kessler in battle. Ganondorf sends a series of Phantom Riders after Kessler, though the latter merely absorbs their energy. Kessler then knocks Ganondorf off his horse, forcing Ganondorf to draw his blade. Ganondorf proceeds to destroy multiple copies of Kessler, ultimately calling upon the Triforce of Power to kill the time-traveler.


Ganondorf sets his sights upon Daphne of Dragon's Lair, foreshadowing the events of Round Two.

Round Two

Ganondorf vs. Singe

Having captured Princess Zelda between rounds, Ganondorf sets off to capture Daphne, as shown in the previous round's epilogue. Singe, the dragon guarding the princess, takes note, nearly frying the sorcerer. Ganondorf then possesses Princess Zelda, channeling his magic through her to impale Singe with a magical sword.

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Ganondorf establishes an alliance with Bowser.

Round Three

Donkey Kong v. Bowser, Gulp, and Crunch

Ganondorf sends Bowser to eliminate loose cannon Donkey Kong, due to his likelihood of re-capturing Zelda, Peach, and Daphne. Bowser succeeds, though at the cost of losing Gulp and Crunch.


Ganondorf establishes an alliance with Dr. Eggman, who then uses his machine to create three doppelgangers: Dark Link, Dark Samus, and Wario.

Round Four

Crunch v. Dark Samus

Due to Dr. Eggman's pressure, Ganondorf agrees to have Dark Samus eliminate Dr. Neo Cortex. While Cortex escapes, Dark Samus kills one of his enforcers, Crunch.

Round Five

Clockwerk vs. Erol

Erol, due to the death of Baron Praxis, seeks Ganondorf and Eggman for a murder contract, hoping to be hired as an enforcer. Ganondorf and his allies task Erol with killing Clockwerk, a loose cannon seemingly beyond Erol's means. Erol, despite being against tough odds, triumphs.


Ganondorf and Eggman accept King K. Rool, Bowser's secret ally, into the alliance. Bowser Jr., Dogadon, and Gnasty Gnorc officially join the alliance as underlings of the chief enforcer, Erol. Ganondorf establishes the alliance's primary objective: capturing Princesses Ashelin, Farah, and Kairi.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Ganon was born from the hatred the Angel of Darkness had for the Angel of Light, two omnipowerful beings sealed in Videoland. Ganon is an entity of unknown species made of pure evil, he was raised in the land of Faxanadu, where he was taught magic by The Evil One, said to be the manifestation of Angel of Darkness. Ganon pretended to be the court magician for Faxanadu's Elf Kingdom, only to steal their powerful crystal which he gave to The Evil One. As a reward Evil One granted him the power of teleportation and an ability to travel between Videoland Worlds. Ganon traveled to the Kingdom of Hyrule, where he heard of powerful artifact known as Triforce of Power. Ganon gathered the Hyrulean forces of evil and stormed the Hyrule castle, successfully taking the triforce. Ganon didn't learn about the Triforce of Wisdom until much later which made him furious. By the time he tried again he and his goons came face to face with The Chosen Hero of Time, Link. Link defeated the dark wizard and soon Ganon retreated back to his castle and started thinking of a new plan.

One day Ganon had a surprise visitor in form of Mother Brain, the ruler of Evil Land of Metroid. Mother Brain asked Ganon's help in her plan to eliminate King Charles and become the queen of Videoland. Ganon thought this could be his chance to defeat Link and take the Triforce of Wisdom and agreed to the alliance. He had learned of a reverse world known as Mirror World, where he would later trap King Charles but also Mother Brain's nemesis Samus Aran. Ganon would be the first villain to form Videoland Villains with Mother Brain