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Gangster Jack is a minor antagonist from swedish animated movie Peter No-Tail In Americat. He is a mob boss who appears in Peter's dream of going to America, and ends up forcing him to do the dishes. He makes a brief appearance in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Taken Out By A Mouse

Gangster Jack is in charge of the restaurant Nick Grabowski is taken to. Grabowski believes Gangster Jack was part of the gang that chased Peter No-Tail out. Before he could find it out, Jack makes him wash the dishes. After Grabowski escapes the washing room, Gangster Jack is quick to notice the mouse's escape and chases after him. Grabowski spreads oil over the ground which makes Jack slip into a cart full of plates. Jack and his two goons attempt to look for Grabowski from a room full of giant boiled chickens. Grabowski, hiding behind one of the chickens, takes a match and sets it on fire using his tail. He throws the match near Gangster Jack's tail which sets it on fire. As Gangster Jack screams in agony, the fire spreads and causes entire restaurant to explode, while Grabowski has already ran away.

Motivating Revenge

Gangster Jack's cousin Mean Max receives the news of the murder of his cousin from his two simple-minded henchmen, Bill and Bull. Ali Cat barges in and states his spies saw that a mouse killed Gangster Jack. Furious Max swears revenge on the mouse.

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