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Galactus is a devourer of worlds and the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe. Galactus is a minor but extremely important player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Devouring Planet Z

While searching the galaxy for food, Galactus comes upon Planet Z, home planet of the Evil Emperor Zurg. Galactus begins to eat, but Zurg's hornets attack him. Galactus effortlessly destroys them, forcing Zurg to flee. Galactus eats his planet in peace.

Final Battle on Earth

Galactus reappears at the very end of the world, once Chernabog has ascended from Hell and joined Maleficent in her conquest of the planet. Galactus warns the two to depart, as he intends to eat the planet. Chernabog, in his malice, shoots Galactus with some magic. Unaffected, Galactus engulfs his foe in a pillar of flame. To Galactus's dismay, Chernabog harnesses the power of the blast and reflects it back at Galactus. Galactus falls from his ship, landing onto Earth itself. When Maleficent tries to attack Galactus, the devourer of worlds kills her with a single blast of his magic. Chernabog, enraged at the loss of his partner, summons the souls Galactus has already devoured to abandon him, destroying Galactus from within.