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Gabranth is one of the Archadian Empire's top generals, acting as the secondary antagonist of Final Fantasy XII. Gabranth plays a role in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Gabranth is a minor player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Vs Diablo

Gabranth is one of the Warriors of Chaos, a group of warriors devoted to empowering the Lord of Darkness, Chaos. Kefka, another of the warriors, heads off on a campaign to destroy Diablo, one of Chaos's chief rivals. When Kefka is wounded in battle against the demon, Gabranth comes from behind and tries to cut down Diablo. Diablo whacks him aside with his tail. Gabranth lives to see Kefka seize the opportunity and blast Diablo out of heaven and into oblivion.

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