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GLaDOS is the primary antagonist of the Portal video game series, and is featured in two spin-off tournaments. In Animated v. Video Game Villains War, she serves as an ally of Megatron; in Video Game Villains War, she acts as the primary ally of Dr. Nefarious.

Animated v. Video Game Villains War

Video Game Villains War

Battle of the AIs

Prior to the war, GlaDOS merely served as the AI governing the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Upon SHODAN's development into her more notorious psychotic form, GlaDOS takes it upon herself to defend her turf from being infected by the malevolent AI. GlaDOS deletes SHODAN's viruses and uses her turrets to destroy SHODAN's holographic projections. Despite this, GlaDOS concedes defeat, allowing SHODAN access into the facility. Though SHODAN takes advantage of the opportunity, as GlaDOS traps the AI, destroying her with the power of music - one thing capable of destroying SHODAN's mainframe.

Partners in Cybercrime

GlaDOS is revealed as Dr. Nefarious's assistant, helping him complete his 2nd dimension transporter and collecting the misplaced statue of Donkey Kong. Their first target is the Demon Lord of Darkness, Yami. Nefarious and GlaDOS attempt to destroy Yami once and for all, making sure not to underestimate his powers, unlike Chaos. While Nefarious trains the 2-D transporters on Yami, so to acquire a better target, GlaDOS distracts Yami with turrets. Yami takes the turrets out without any hassle, only to be transported to the second dimension, where he is swiftly destroyed by the Pac-Man Ghosts. Later, GlaDOS and Nefarious release the Pac-Man Ghosts from the second dimension in the round's epilogue.

Testing Time

Captain Qwark attacks Dr. Nefarious's 2-D mech suit, but Nefarious sends his rival into the second dimension. Put on the spot, GlaDOS summons a gauntlet of shooter villains to destroy Qwark, including Galaga aliens, Ikaruga fighters, the Bydo, and the Warship. However, Qwark outmaneuvers all of these obstacles. GlaDOS strikes a stroke of good luck when she summons forth Queen Larsa, a seemingly impossible task. This final enemy proves Qwark's undoing, as Larsa destroys his ship with no effort.

Her Best Friend

After Larsa destroys Qwark and some other opponents of the faction, Dr. Nefarious releases her from the second dimension. The release, however, leaves his 2-D transporter ray in its recharge cycle; during this time, Dr. Eggman seizes the advantage and destroys the transformer with Nefarious inside. GLaDOS thus forms an alliance with Metal Sonic, a being she once treated as a threat but now one she considers an ally. Together, GLaDOS and Metal Sonic reverse engineer an army of evil Kongs and hack into various computer networks around the world. They then destroy the alliance of Ganondorf, shattering their plans for global conquest.