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Fuzzy Lumpkins is a minor antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls. A country bumpkin with a murderous streak, he is a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Fuzzy makes his only appearance in a battle against the Senor Senior clan, composed of Senor Senior Sr. and Senior Senior Jr. The Gangreen Gang, previously rebuffed by the Seniors, hires Lumpkins to kill the two. Lumpkins infiltrates the family's private island, only to be shot at by the family's laser-cannon based security system. Lumpkins shoots back, destroying most of the lasers. He then contorts his body into a ferocious feral form. Before he can attack, however, Senor Senior Sr. triggers a massive top, knocking Lumpkins out. It is uncertain if he is killed or not.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Yosemite Sam

Mr. Burns sends one of his hitmen, Yosemite Sam, to eliminate a reclusive beast known as Fuzzy Lumpkins. The trigger-happy cowboy, eager for an opportunity to prove his own ability, rides out to Fuzzy's homestead.  However, Sam doesn't know that Burns is merely sending him to test the fighting prowess of Lumpkins, who doesn't take kindly to a trespasser on his property.Yosemite almost won,but Fuzzy's anger killed him.

Joining Mr.Burns

Mr. Burns and Plankton hire the services of the Gangreen Gang and Fuzzy Lumpkins (none the wiser to Burns's attempt on his life) in preparation for future conflicts with Glomgold. With the war coming to an end, Burns and Plankton gather their allies to take down their rivals, with Plankton introducing a few of his relatives and a newly rebuilt Darrell as extra backup. Unfortunately, Glomgold has had a similar idea, and decides to hire the services of Don Karnage.

Vs Glomgold forces

With the Beagle Boys dealt with, the rest of Burn’s forces charge in, catching Glomgold and his allies off guard. Glomgold, Fat Cat, Karnage, and his pirates face off against Burns, Rob, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Rancid, Darrell, and the Gangreen Gang, with Plankton aiding them remotely and waiting with backup...

With his forces defeated, Glomgold mounts one of his robots with the intent to wipe out his rival for good. Plankton and the others are overwhelmed by the arsenal of Glomgold’s robot.


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