Fritz is the demented henchman of Dr. Nero Neurosis in the video game, Braindead 13. An ogre like being with a penchant for weaponry, Fritz is a secondary player in the Animated vs Video Game Villains War and the Video Game Villains War.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Video Game Villains War

A Master Lost

Fritz and his master scheme to take over the world, but the mad scientist soon realizes the threat of the Dark Queen. The Dark Queen and Neurosis squabble, with Neurosis eventually ordering Fritz to kill her. Fritz uses some high explosives to eliminate most of the Dark Queen's men, and he even takes out her top general with a cannon. However, the Dark Queen herself brandishes a magic wand, knocking Fritz out the door. Fritz is helpless as the Dark Queen uses the same wand to destroy Neurosis and escape with some important blueprints.


Fritz turns to Haven City for help, meeting up with the alliance of the Joker. He convinces the alliance to make an assault upon Dreamland, the alliance to which the Dark Queen belongs. As part of their assault, Fritz travels to the Dark Queen's lair, where she has built a doomsday device. Fritz rushes headlong at the Dark Queen, but she knocks him aside with her magical tornado powers. Fritz is knocked down several flights of stairs, leaving him stunned. When one of the Dark Queen's goons tries to kill him, Fritz smashes the foe aside with a hammer. Fritz then uses the doomsday device against the Dark Queen, using his own mucus to overload the machine's circuits and cause it to self-destruct. As the Dark Queen makes her way out of the rubble, Fritz readies his machete and slices her belly open.

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