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Frieza is the 1st of the 3 main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z. He is a leader of the Planet Trade Federation, & destroyed many planets including Planet Vegeta. He has 4 forms, his 1st form has a power level of 530,000. His 2nd form has a power level of over 1 million. His final form has a maximum power level of over 120 million! He is shown to be highly arrogant.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Ordering Cui

Cui come's across John Silver's pirate crew. Following orders of Lord Frieza to get a Dragon Ball from one of Silver's crew: Scroop.

Teaming with Skeleton King

In space, Skeleton King contacts Frieza to deliver the good news and the evil Tyrant decides to wait till the Metarex destruction and then start the elimination of Zurg.


Meanwhile Frieza celebrates that the only enemy who could get in his way is finally dead.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Executing an ally

Frieza get's word that Dodoria not only got killed but an entire village got destroyed without a Dragon Ball, after such foolishness Frieza executes one of his henchmen as an example to Zarbon if he fails to retrieve the Dragon Ball back.

Villains Battles

Young Frieza DBSB.jpeg


Vs Mc.Leach

Having find out where is the Alius Academy base on Planet Earth, King Zenoheld, Cooler and Prince Hydron want to attack it, but Frieza tells of a tale. A tale telling that prior the events of the war, the emperor of space went on that planet to find allies. However there he tells about he encountered a hunter murdered by Scar and his allies...

Beltraying King Zenoheld

While plotting their uprising against Xene and Zurg's alliance, King Zenoheld and Frieza's group require the assistance of the space pirate John Silver, who decided to help the alliance in his plan to defeat the responsible of King Cold's death. However Frieza soon starts to betray Zenoheld.

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Teaming with Zurg and Xene

Zarbon informs Frieza of Jeice, Burter and Lord Slug's demise, thus infuriating the emperor of space. However he is visited by his wife the Dark Queen, who wants to help her husband discover who assassinate three of their men. Soon, Zurg and Xene join in as well, wanting to help their ally. Frieza, then, prepares for war against this new threat.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Hercules

While Meg was being saved by Hercules a space pirate by the name of Frieza challenges the strong man to a battle of strength, the heroic man accepts the challenge and they begin to fight it looks like the is Herc's biggest challenge yet.

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Joining Zurg

In space, the mysterious benefactor who hired Raditz reveals to be Frieza and plans to forge an alliance with Zurg in hopes to defeat Pyron. The emperors swear to take over the entire galaxy.

A new ally

Frieza and Zurg release a new ally to help them against Pyron, unaware that Xene survived...

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Preparing for war

Frieza, having heard of Dodoria's death by Zarbon, prepares for war and sends Zarbon to a mission.

Summon her lackeys

From Zarbon's suggestion, Frieza summons his other lackeys: the Ginyu Force are coming on Planet Namek!!!

Hearding of Dice's attack

Informed of Cui's death, Frieza decides to send Zarbon to deal with the Phantom Express in order to stop King Dice.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

In Zurg's faction

Zurg gathers his faction for a presumable war.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Lady Tremaine

Frieza is collecting DragonBalls to become immortal,however he is confronted by Tremaine,who decided to make a name for herself to kill Frieza.


Frieza Arrives.

TV Villains Tournament Remake


Chilled (Ancestor)

King Cold (Father)

Cooler (Brother)

Queen Beryl (Wife)

Kuriza (Son)