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Frieda is a powerful witch who is the main antagonist of the animated film, Happily N'Ever After. Frieda is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three


Introduced as one of Pitch Black's top council members, Frieda is tasked by Lord Shen, another general of Pitch Black, to please the lords, serving under Hopper and King Candy, two head generals, formely working for the Nightmare King, to rebel against the betrayals. Frieda organizes a night ball, to which her cousin, Duchess Florianne, is invited too. However, another twist for Frieda awaits, as her cousin has other plans for the ball. While distracted, Frieda gets stabbed in the back by Florianne, leaving her to die at the hands of her cousin.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Witch Vs Fairy

Frieda acquires a powerful staff with which she intends to lay waste to her enemies. She gets a chance to try it out when the dark fairy, Mandragora, tries to take it from her. Mandragora gets in the first blow, reflecting a dark blast off the wall and knocking Frieda into a pit. Frieda uses her staff to levitate out of the pit and destroy Mandragora's mount. Mandragora curses Frieda, leading the witch to try and smash her with the staff. Frieda proceeds to start draining Mandragora of her power, inadvertently teleporting the fairy away.

New Allies

When the Fairy Godmother falls to Pitch Black, Frieda decides to ally with Prince Charming and Remington Smisse, who wish to avenge the fairy's death. At Charming's request, she transforms the prince into Mandrake in order to give him an edge in combat. After a series of battles, the Fairy Godmother is freed from her prison and Pitch Black goes into hiding. Frieda does not take much time to revel in her success, realizing that Lord Shen is rapidly becoming a massive threat. She hires Humpty Alexander Dumpty to negotiate with Shen, but the egomaniacal peacock literally kills the messenger.