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Free For All Heroes vs. Villains War Tournament Series

Free For All Heroes vs. Villains Tournament is a spin-off war created by Rizo2612 Studios.


Round 1 

  1. Prologue
  2. Mario and Luigi vs Jafar
  3. Sonic and Tails vs Scar
  4. Kim Possible vs The Joker
  5. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs Amora the Enchantress
  6. Thor vs Tzekel Kan
  7. Mickey Mouse vs Dr. Doom

Round 2

  1. Prologue
  2. Aladdin vs Bowser
  3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs Amora the Enchantress
  4. Phoebus and Esmeralda vs Captain Hook
  5. Twilight Sparkle and Friends vs Loki and The Frost Giants
  6. 26 and Friends vs Shere Khan
  7. Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 vs Dr. Drakken
  8. Miguel and Tulio vs Sleet and Dingo
  9. Epilogue

Round 3

  1. Prologue
  2. The Teen Titans vs Senior Senior Sr and Senior Senior Jr
  3. Spider Man vs Mr. Freeze
  4. Luigi vs Snively
  5. Kim Possible vs Lex Luthor
  6. Iron Man vs Dr. Robotnik
  7. Tails and Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 vs Bowser
  8. Peter Pan vs Ra's Al Ghul
  9. Epilogue

Round 4

  1. Prologue
  2. The Beast vs Mozenrath
  3. Hulk vs The Evil Queen
  4. Mickey, Donald and Goofy vs Shocker and Nightmare Moon
  5. Simba vs. Queen Chrysalis
  6. Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera vs Pete
  7. Interlude 1
  8. Interlude 2
  9. Aladdin, Prince Phillip and Peter Pan vs Bowser
  10. Taran vs Mysterio
  11. Batman, Spider Man and Iron Man vs The Penguin, The Scorpion and The Riddler
  12. Buzz Lightyear vs Darkseid
  13. Julie vs Evil Emperor Zurg and Warp Darkmatter
  14. Interlude 3
  15. Interlude 4
  16. The Battle of the Native Lands
  17. Raven vs Shego
  18. Sonic vs. Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash
  19. Superman vs. Whirlwind
  20. Twilight Sparkle and Friends vs General Ross
  21. Epilogue

Round 5

  1. Prologue
  2. Silver Surfer vs Warp Darkmatter
  3. Merlin vs Discord
  4. Starfire and Raven vs Hobgoblin
  5. The Cutie Mark Crusaders vs Scratch and Grounder
  6. Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Phoebus vs Kraven the Hunter
  7. Interlude 1
  8. The Rainbooms vs The Koopalings
  9. The Fantastic Four vs DNAmy
  10. Princess Aurora vs The Dazzlings
  11. Interlude 2
  12. Interlude 3
  13. Manic and Sonia vs Coconuts
  14. Hercules vs Loki
  15. The Punisher vs The Red Hood
  16. Batman vs Sandman
  17. Thor vs Hades
  18. Zatanna vs The Evil Queen
  19. Interlude 4
  20. Interlude 5
  21. Black Canary and Green Arrow vs Duff Killigan
  22. Jonah Hex vs Gaston
  23. Battle of Professor Zoom’s fortress
  24. Daredevil vs Ma Murder
  25. Spider Man vs Catwoman
  26. Epilogue

Round 6

  1. Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 and Cyborg vs Hobgoblin and Shego
  2. Silver Surfer vs Gravitina
  3. Batman vs Black Cat
  4. Simba vs Man Ape
  5. Interlude
  6. Yoshi vs Sleet and Dingo
  7. Spider Man vs Two Face
  8. Superman vs Rhino
  9. The Flash vs. Dr Robotnik
  10. Epilogue

Round 7

  1. Prologue
  2. Clopin vs Captain Hook vs Sarousch
  3. Peter Pan vs Baron Zemo
  4. The Question and Hawkgirl vs M.O.D.O.K
  5. Ms. Marvel vs Pete
  6. The Hulk’s rampage
  7. Interlude

Events for the First War

Origin of The Ultimate Master Planners of War alliance (Prologue of Round 1):

In the Forbidden Mountains Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent Loki and Dr. Doom form an alliance as they have an ultimate goal planned: Conquer the world and destroy any Hero that could be a threat to their alliance and plans as well of ruling the Multiverse. After an agreement Maleficent summons various Villains to aid them such as The Joker, Slade, The Green Goblin, Captain Hook, Judge Claude Frollo, Scar,Nightmare Moon, Dr. Drakken and other villains in their ultimate goal much to the delight of Robotnik, Bowser, Jafar, Dr Doom, Loki and Maleficent that this is the beginning of their plans.

Round 1:

Bowser decides to send out Jafar to defeat the Mario Brothers for him so it would be easier for him to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and Jafar accepts the mission in exchange Bowser takes care of his arch nemesis: Aladdin, to which Bowser accepts. Jafar arrives to the Mushroom Kingdom in a form on spiders and back to his normal form. Mario and his friends were unaware of Jafar's upcoming attack, so Mario and the gang jump up and hit the blocks to give them power ups as humanoid flying racoons, but Jafar blast fire at Luigi's racoon tail out from his eyes, then shoots fire at Mario and Luigi, luckily they jump up to avoid the flames, Mario and Luigi realized how tough Jafar is and decided to run away. Jafar began to attack them with random magic at them, then Princess Peach throws the Fire Flower to Mario, he grabs it and powers up to blow Jafar off. They at first believe they won, especially Toad, but Jafar survived thus Mario and friends run away, thus Jafar is victorious.

Scar pays a visit to Dr. Robotnik in his palace, giving the hyenas one Robotnik's food. Scar and his Hyena army were asked to visit is because Robotnik wants to test Scar’s strength by sending him to take care of his arch rival: Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all, Scar accepts. While Sonic and Tails are enjoying themselves they had to put their fun on their vacation on hold because of Scar and his Hyena minions challenges them to a fight. Sonic used his super speed to beat up the Hyenas, Tails was about to fight Scar, but got knocked into the tree by Scar. As Scar was about to eat Tails Sonic speed bombs right into him and knock the lion to the ground, Scar humiliated leaves with the hyenas, leaving Sonic and Tails enjoying their victory. Dr. Robotnik angers of their victory against a lion and hyenas.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were alerted by Wade about The Joker and his uprising to make his presence known throughout the world. Kim and Ron arrived and see The Joker invades Black Mask's company, spying on him through the celling windows. They decided to take action, The Joker see's Kim and Ron and decided to take care of those spies, he used the remote control to set up deadly weapons at them, then calls his minions to attack, but Kim Possible and Ron survives from those. The Joker's minions knock the entire boxes and crate to block their path, Kim gets to fight the Joker, but he sprays her with acid out from his flower, which Kim went under the walk path to avoid the acid. The Joker makes an escape, with nothing he stole.

The Justice League holds a meeting in the Watchtower, and they Learned about the powerful alliance that Bowser, Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent, Loki and Dr. Doom assembled to take out all the heroes around the world. The Justice League decided to send out Wonder Woman alongside Hal Jordan as The Green Lantern to go out in battle and defeat these powerful threats, but at the same time Loki sends his powerful ally: Amora the Enchantress out to attack one or two members of The Justice League before they become a threat to his allies’ plans. Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan arrive at earth and came to face off against Amora and the Executioner. Hal Jordan blast Amora with his Lantern, then Wonder Woman aims to punch the Executioner but blocks the attack with his axe, and throws Wonder Woman which luckily she landed safe. Amora got back up, Hal Jordan was to charge her but then Amora blast him with his magic, lands him in a gas truck causing an explosion. Executioner almost sliced Wonder Woman, but she attacks him with two electric cords, shocking him to the ground, Wonder Woman aims to punch but Amara blasts her away, Hal Jordan shoots a green laser at Amara but she shields herself, while distracting Amara, Wonder Woman knocks out Executioner. Hal Jordan continues shoots at Amara but the enchantress keeps moving from one spot to another to avoid getting shot, then knocks Wonder Wonder down and lands on a car. As Amara was about to kill Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan blast a ray of energy at Amara, but she blast him with her giant blast, causing a Green Lantern to fall to the ground. Wonder Woman already gained conscience, punches the enchantress and then Hal Joran blasts Amara, thus Amara is unconscienced. as Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan were about to arrest them, Executioner carries Amara, opens a portal with his axe and makes an escape.

In Prydain The Horned King has summoned and recruited one of the villains that has been summoned by The Masters of Evil (Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent, Loki and Dr. Doom) known as: Tzekel Kan to his castle, The Horned King tasked Tzekel Kan to fight against a Norse God who is one of the Avengers name Thor, who is resided in New York City. Tzekel Khan agrees to the task believing Thor is a false god who's actually a super hero, The Horned King decide to play along with his odd opinion and states that the villains time has arrive. When Tzekel Khan arrives and causing havoc on New York, Thor shows up and tells the people not to worry he will handle this villain. Tzekel Khan uses his attack spells onto Thor, knocking him to the ground, Tzekel Khan was about to murder him and stating he's not a god, Thor quickly gets up and hits the mad Mayan priest with his Mjölnir, Thor tells Tzekel Khan to surrender and he will show mercy. Khan used his magic to send the giant crate down crashing Thor and causing, Tzekel Khan believes he killed Thor but his Mjölnir came out of the crash meaning Thor is not out yet, Tzekel Khan cast his illusions out for prepared. Thor walks without a scratch on him. Tzekel Khan was about to cast all of his illusions onto him, Thor with his Mjölnir and with all the thunder around him, strikes Tzekel Khan with thunder causing Tzekel Khan to fall into the ocean.

Dr. Doom decides to go and fight against some the heroes on his own, he used his supercomputer to find which target to fight and his target is none other than: Mickey Mouse. Dr. Doom decides to go and fight that little mouse. Mickey was minding his own business until Dr. Doom on one of his floating surf boards arrives to attack him, Mickey knows all about Doom from news articles and decides to face him off before he starts hurting innocent people. Dr. Doom challenges Mickey to a fight and Mickey already thought of that idea. Dr. Doom used of his his technology to bring the Gargoyle statues to life, to attack Mickey. Dr. Doom has Mickey surrounded and tries to blast him only for Mickey to shield himself with a sword to block the blast. Dr. Doom thinks this is a waste of time knocks Mickey out and leaves.

After Her and Executioner's defeat over the hands of Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan. Amora the Enchantress travels to Germany and finds a castle to form an alliance with Queen Grimhilde (The Evil Queen) to recruit her to The Masters of Evil’s Forces. However The Queen sees potential within Amora, and accepts.

Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto arrive and helped Mickey get up, and together they teamed up.

After their retreat over the hands of Jafar, Mario and Luigi met up with their old friends: Sonic and Tails. Mario told them about Jafar, Sonic tells them about Scar and think they need to team up and form a team of their own to stand up against the other threats within the future which the Mario Brothers agree, even if it means saving the Mushroom Kingdom.

Back to his hideout in Gotham City The Joker is plotting his revenge on Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable for his retreat until he gets a surprising visit from The Green Goblin who wants to form an alliance with The Clown Prince of Crime to build a criminal empire to defeat their enemies and The Joker loves it and accepts the Goblin’s offer.

Meanwhile Maleficent decided to make her and The Masters of Evil's presence known to the entire world and soon more and more heroes learn about the uprising war.

Round 2:

In The Palace of Justice located in Paris, Judge Claude Frollo recruits Captain Hook and Sarousch to his own alliance to stand up against any of the blasphemous Heroes that would likely pose a threat to them.

In a castle that is owned by King Stefan, King Stefan forms a Royal Council with King Hubert, The Sultan, King Acorn, Prince Phillip, King James and Queen Anne for the sake of protecting their own kingdoms from this war.

Meanwhile in Jump City Robin gathers the members of the Teen Titans Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire and are now assembled and ready to battle.

Jafar meets up with Loki and assigns him to his first target within the war against all the Heroes in the world: To destroy Equestria.

As promised for Jafar after he takes out the Mario Brothers. Bowser would takedown Aladdin and his Friends and take over Agrabah for him. Bowser arrives with a whole flying ships, firing at Agrabah and sending his Koopa soldiers to attack. Aladdin arrives to save his home and strike down one of the flying koopas, Razoul and his guards launched the catapults at Bowser's ship.

Queen Grimhilde decides to test Amora’s powers by sending her to capture Snow White as a prisoner for The Masters of Evil and Amora agrees to do the mission. Meanwhile Snow White is in the forest picking wildflowers, then Amora magically appears behind Snow White, which scares her when she turns around in fear, Amora tells Snow that she was sent by Queen Grimhilde to capture her as a prisoner for a group of people she's working for (Didn't tell her the name) Then the Dwarves arrive along with the Forest animals rushing in to the rescue as they heard her scream. As the Dwarves marsh in to rescue Snow White Amora blasts them to the ground, Snow begins to run away but Amora knocks her out, thus Amora completes the mission.

Frollo meets with Captain Hook and task him a mission to test him to see if he can capture a certain Gypsy name Esmeralda, and kill a former member of his alliance that betrayed Frollo, Captain Phoebus. Hook accepts this task to proof to be a good member of Frollo's alliance. Hook shows up and has his pirates to capture Esmeralda but her goat Djali knocks Captain Hook to the canon. Esmeralda and Djali put up a good fight against the Pirates. this got Phoebus attention, as he almost got hit by a guards hat, he and Achilles came to the rescue, Achilies knocks one of the pirates with his bottom, Phoebus draws his sword out as he and Hook have a good all fusion sword fight, but then Phoebus punches Captain Hook in the face thus Esmeralda, Djali, Phoebus and Achilies make their escape.

As part of his invasion upon Equestria, Loki summons The Frost Giants to aid him in his quest to invade Equestria, telling them that the armies of Equestria, they will destroy all Frost Giant, Loki ask if they are with him, they all cheer by decided to join Loki in his invasion of Equestria. However Princess Celestia has called upon her faithful student: Twilight Sparkle and her Friends to meet her at her castle and tells them to put an end to Loki’s invasion on all of Equestria, Twilight and her Friends head out to stop Loki. The Frost Giants make it to Equestria but Rainbow Dash charges in at one of them in the eyes, and fall down to the ground, Applejack ropes one of the Frost Giants, but Rarity and Pinkie Pie almost got killed by a Frost Giant but Fluttershy slams right into them saving Rarity and Pinky Pie but the Frost Giant knocks her along with her friends to the ground, before the Frost Giant would kill them Twilight Sparkle uses her magic to lift the giant away. A frost giant lifted Rainbow Dash and toss her to the Bailey, the giants believe they might come out victorious but Twilight and her friends began to use the The fragments of the orbs. The Elements glow and the ponies are lifted into the air. A rainbow-colored double helix envelopes the Frost Giants, and the field was flooded with light. When the light fades, the Giants are defeated and the ponies are on the ground, then Loki appears before them and challenges them. Loki blast dark energy from his hand and caused a giant bolder to fall upon Twilight and her friends, which missed then Twilight used her magic to blow Loki to the building. Loki survived and blasts Twilight with two beams of dark energies from both of his hands and knocks her down, then blasts her friends also, Applejack kicks pillows at Loki, thus hits him hard and knocked out, Twlight and her friends proved victory thus Loki disappears.

After Scar failed to defeat Sonic and Tails for Dr. Robotnik he gets a visit from Shere Khan who wants to form a powerful alliance to rule both the Jungle and the Pridelands together as powerful rulers. Scar accepts and sends his new ally to defeat 26 and her friends: Kex, Mara and Spazz. 26, Kex, Mara and Spazz were exploring an abandoned temple until Shere Khan arrives to kill them, as he saids "No more games" 26 and her friends began to run, but Shere Khan knocks Spazz to a wall. 26 stands up for herself and friends to fight Shere Khan but Kex knocks out Shere Khan by landing on him with his skate board. 20, Kex, Mara and Spazz leave and Shere Khan vowing revenge and goes back to Scar.

Dr Draken learns about a strong teenager robot name: Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 from his super computer and he plans to reprogram her into a killing machine to aid him in his plans to rule the world. Jenny get's a weird reading, but Brad ask Jenny what is she doing? Jenny tells him nothing, Brad points out Jenny's pigtails are freaking out. Jenny realized that it's her remote alarm, it goes off when the world is in danger. But then Dr. Drakken arrives in his giant robot that he is riding on.

To test out his bounty hunters’ abilities and strength to fight against any of the heroes. Dr Robotnik recruits Sleet and Dingo to capture Miguel and Tulio as a set of prisoners. How will the duo avoid being captured by these bounty hunters?

After the success of capturing Snow White, The Evil Queen and Amora the Enchantress inform Loki about their own faction is officially supporting his allies and his alliance.

In Notre Dame Judge Claude Frollo is displeased with Hook’s failure to capture Esmeralda for him but however the Captain and the Judge decided to focus on other plans until they can capture her.

In the Forbidden Mountains, The Masters of Evil have their first set of captured princesses: Princess Jasmine and Snow White and Dr Doom locks the princesses up in the dungeon.

Aladdin and his Friends encounters Prince Phillip and requests if they team up to rescue Princess Jasmine after she was captured by Bowser.

Jafar now successfully rules over Agrabah as soon he starts ruling his new kingdom he has made an interesting discovery.

Twilight Sparkle and her Friends had defeated Loki and the Frost Giants decided to join forces with Mario and Sonic’s alliance and the duo accepts Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike into their team.

The Joker and The Green Goblin gets a visit from The Riddler. Who requests that if he can join forces with them and they see potential within The Riddler and accepts him as part of their alliance.

After hearing news of the Teen Titans preparing themselves. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable wanted to join forces with them and they accept despite they could do with new team mates/allies to aid them in battle. But they are unaware that a Billionaire has discovered there alliance and sees them as a threat that needs to be destroyed.

Round 3

The Horned King decided to recruit more members to his alliance after Tzekel Kan’s failure to defeat Thor. So he calls upon a Super Villain known as: Mysterio for an chance to join forces and Mysterio accepts the King’s offer then Tzekel Kan returns and The Horned King is displeased with his return but he decides to give him another chance to redeem himself to be useful again.

Dr Robotnik alongside Bowser and Dr Doom pays a visit to Darkseid hoping that he can join forces with The Masters of Evil and Darkseid tells them he accepts and in the meantime he would prepare his own faction to support them to battle against the heroes.

Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 and her friends: Brad and Tuck encounters Tails the Fox while he was out and about to gather some of Sonic’s friends to join him, Mario and Twilight Sparkle in their alliance. But however Tails got scared of Jenny because he thinks she’s a robot made by Robotnik and runs away back to Mario, Sonic and Twilight Sparkle leaving Jenny, trying to catch up with him.

After learning about this uprising threat of the Teen Titans, Lex Luthor hires his old billionaire friend: Senior Senior Sr and his son: Senior Senior Jr to take care of this problem for him and they agree to deal with them for him. But are they skilled and equipped to defeat the Teen Titans?

After recruiting The Riddler, The Green Goblin hires Mr Freeze to care off his arch enemy: Spider Man before he interferes in his plans with The Joker. Is Spidey skilled enough to face Mr Freeze or will Freeze gain the upper hand?

Dr Robotnik had returned from his meeting with Bowser alongside Dr. Doom recruiting Darkseid to their alliance and has assigns his nephew: Snively to take care of Mario’s younger brother: Luigi after hearing news of Twilight Sparkle and her friends had joined forces with Mario and Sonic. How will Luigi deal with the number of SWATBots that Snively have by his side?

While the Seniors are dealing with the Teen Titans, Lex Luthor forms an alliance with Wilson Fisk (A.K.A Kingpin) and L. Thompson Lincoln (A.K.A Tombstone) to join forces with him in his own criminal empire. But then Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable arrive at Lexcorp to put an end to this uprising criminal empire.

Dr Robotnik decides to pay a visit to the one of the members of the Avengers known as: Iron Man and demands he surrenders all his technology to him but Tony Stark (Iron Man) refuses to surrender to him so he gets on his Iron Man armor and challenges Robotnik to a fight for his technology.

Tails finally managed to hide until Jenny catches up and convinces him that she’s not a killing machine built by Robotnik. However their chance to form an alliance is interrupted by the arrival of Bowser who plans to destroy the Two Tailed Fox and the Teenage Robot.

Ra’s al Ghul learns about Neverland and decides to take it over for himself but Peter Pan alongside Tinkerbell and The Lost Boys are blocking his path to rule Neverland.

After Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable retreated before Lex Luthor’s security could arrest them Lex alongside his allies: Kingpin, Tombstone and The Seniors form The Billionaires of Crime.

When Jafar brings his discovery to his allies they had found out that it needs a certain Sunstone to open it.

Sarousch travels to The Horned King’s Castle and requests him to be part of his alliance and The Horned King accepts his request but what he doesn’t know is that he is playing sides with both him and Frollo’s side.

After Tails and Jenny defeated Bowser, Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle along with their friends meet up with them and they thanked Jenny for aiding one of their allies and Jenny heads off elsewhere and promises to see them again soon.

Iron Man (as Tony Stark) returns to base and gathers the rest of the Avengers because the sake of the war.

Kim and Ron had returned to the Teen Titans’ base and told them about Lex Luthor and his allies’ plans.

After his faction is formed Lex Luthor meets his secret ally: Slade Wilson A.K.A Deathstroke and told him about the Teen Titans’ new allies: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. This has given Deathstroke an idea on how to deal with their new allies.

Round 4

Judge Claude Frollo and his allies were busy making plans on how to find the Court of Miracles until Governor Ratcliffe arrives and wants to join forces with Frollo in order for both them to archive their goals without any heroes interfering their plans and Frollo accepts Ratcliffe’s offer of the chance to team up with him.

In Space Darkseid forms an alliance with Thanos in order to build their faction to stand up against other heroes in the war.

Aladdin and Prince Phillip arrive at Neverland and they encounter Peter Pan who is trying to find a stronger way to defend Neverland from anymore upcoming attacks then Prince Phillip suggests that the trio should join forces.

Quasimodo meets up with his friends: Esmeralda and Phoebus after they dueled with Captain Hook.

Jafar decides to recruit Mozenrath as his second in command of his rule over Agarabah if he captures another princess known as: Belle. However does it sound easy without The Beast interfering?

Looking through her Magic Mirror to see of any possible threats that might rise within the future of the war. The Evil Queen discovers the Hulk and decides to take him down before he becomes a threat to her sinister plans by using a trick of a spell in her sleeve.

Maleficent decides to test both Nightmare Moon and Shocker’s skills in the war by taking down Mickey, Donald and Goofy before they even have the chance to join a Hero’s team. The duo accept the mission and found them right where they want them to be defeated.

Scar and Shere Khan hire a villain from Equestria known as: Queen Chrysalis to have her and her army of Changelings drive Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa out of the Pridelands so the Pridelands can be theirs. Chrysalis sees this as her chance to strike in the war and she accepts the task. Can Simba and his Pride stand up against the Queen and her army of Changelings?

Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera were enjoying the fresh air of the Jungle until Pete arrives in attempt to capture Mowgli as prisoner for his own purposes.

After Simba and his Pride got defeated. Scar and Shere Khan move into Pride Rock with plans to use it as a Base of Operations for their own goals. As Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings leave them, Zira and Kaa arrive with interest of aiding them in their goals.

Learning about his fight with Mickey, Donald and Goofy, The Joker recruits Shocker to his faction and Shocker accepts Joker’s offer.

Captain Hook pays a visit to Bowser, Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent, Loki and Dr. Doom with an interesting statue they see potential within the statue. As Hook leaves the Masters notice the statue just moved?

Simba and his Pride managed to run into 26, Mara, Kex and Spazz. With an agreement made they promised to help Simba and his friends to reclaim the Pridelands.

Hulk has returned to The Avengers and Iron Man informs them that another Superhero team can be able to aid them in battle. Then afterwards he turns into Bruce Banner (and he is still under the Queen’s control) to inform her about the plans of his allies’ next move.

After they were given the mysterious statue, Bowser, Robotnik, Jafar, Maleficent, Loki and Dr Doom managed to bring it to life bringing an enemy of Twilight Sparkle and Friends known as: Discord back to life.

A Meeting between both the Justice League and the Avengers has been formed and as soon as everyone agreed to work together Superman noticed something odd about the Hulk.

Nightmare Moon travels to a graveyard where she meets Queen Chrysalis and they stumble upon a corpse that has potential.

Bruce Banner (the Hulk) returns to inform The Evil Queen and Amora the Enchantress about both the Justice League and the Avengers had just teamed up and Amora leaves to hire a Super Villain team to take care of them.

In a pub, Captain Hook arrives for a drink and he encounters two old friends of his: Herman Cortez and Gaston. Who both promised to join Frollo’s forces.

While Aladdin, Prince Phillip and Peter Pan are on their quest to rescue Princess Jasmine from been captured by The Masters of Evil. They run into Bowser who plans to defeat them but will he be successful again like before or not this time with a powerful friend like Genie by their side?

The Horned King sends out Mysterio to go and capture Hen Wen in order to track down the location of The Black Cauldron and Hen Wen is under the care of Taran will Taran defend Hen Wen from Mysterio and his bag of tricks?

Amora the Enchantress arrives at The Joker and The Green Goblin’s base and requests them to takedown the Justice League and the Avengers before they become a threat to the Villains’ plans. Joker and Green Goblin accepts by sending The Penguin, The Scorpion (who both of them have just been recruited to their alliance.) and The Riddler to deal with Batman and Iron Man while they were recruiting Spider Man to join them in their team.

Darkseid and Thanos starts recruiting some villains to aid their faction which are known as: Evil Emperor Zurg, Warp Darkmatter and Tyler who all three of them promise to Darkseid that they would aid him into aiding the rest of the villains on earth by destroying the heroes on earth. But Zurg warns his new allies about his enemy: Buzz Lightyear and his team known as: Star Command. While Buzz and XR are patrolling in the Little Green Men’s home world Darkseid makes his move.

Zurg decides to bring Wrap Darkmatter with him to conquer one or two planets to be under Darkseid and Thanos’ control as a sign to the entire galaxy that Darkseid and Thanos are a force to be reckoned with, However in this world turns out to be Julie’s home.

Soon after Zurg invaded her home and capture her sister. Julie decides to rescue her sister: Kerrie, then Buzz Lightyear and his crew arrive to form an alliance with Julie in hopes of survival to battle against Darkseid and Thanos’ forces.

Meanwhile while Twilight Sparkle and Friends are working with Team Mario and Sonic Alliance. Princess Celestia joins forces with The Royal Council as they accepted her as part of their alliance in order to defend the council’s stand in the war.

In Robotnik’s Laboratory, Dr Robotnik alongside Dr Doom and Dr Drakken finished designing two new Badniks to join their ultimate master plan: Metal Sonic and Metal Robotnik.

Meanwhile Kerrie finds herself as the first prisoner held by Darkseid and Thanos.

In the Forbidden Mountains, Dr. Drakken informs his masters that Robotnik’s latest program within his Supercomputer is ready to use access to different dimensions and worlds for their master plan and there’s somebody from another universe that wants to talk to them for an chance of an alliance between two dimensions.

Governor Ratcliffe asks Frollo if he brings along Hook and Gaston to aid him to invade the Native Lands. Seeing this is a chance to claim a territory for his fraction Frollo accepts and sends the three of them to the mission. Will Pocahontas, John Smith and her tribe be able to stand up against Ratcliffe’s forces?

While Drakken is with his other allies. Shego decided to go on a solo mission to fight off against any heroes that could be a threat to Drakken’s plans and it turns out to be: Raven.

Professor Zoom had travelled from another dimension for his own purposes so he can be the only fastest being in the entire world and he learns about Sonic and decides to challenge him to a race but this is a trap for Sonic to fell for?

Following events after the meeting between the Justice League and the Avengers. Superman discovers a Supervillain nearby who has been sent by his unknown master to takedown Superman for their own purposes.

Amanda Waller holds a meeting between Cadmus and their new recruit known as: General Ross as they discuss a threat they believe the Equestrian Ponies poses in the war between Heroes and Villains. Can Ross’ tanks stand up against their Magic of Friendship?

After his defeat over the hands of his fight with Superman. Whirlwind ends up in prison where one of the Supervillains locked up in the same prison as him is plotting something big.

In Pride Rock, Scar gets a visit from a unlikely ally who calls himself: Man Ape.

Professor Zoom has successfully captured Sonic and has him locked up in his new base of operations built by Dr. Doom before Doom leaves he tells Zoom that he owes him a favor in the future.

Shego who was defeated by Raven, encounters Tombstone who sees some good use from her.

After their battle against General Ross, Twilight Sparkle and her friends told Mario, Luigi and Tails about their encounter with the General and then Toad told them that he found out about Sonic has been captured.

Already received Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts from their allies from the WHvVWE Universe, Dr Robotnik summon four more powerful villains from another world and The Masters of Evil rename themselves: The Ultimate Master Planners of War.

Princess Celestia learns about the alliance between the two villains teams in different universes and prepares to leave The Royal Council to attend to important matters.

Batgirl searches up on the Bat Computer for any possible allies that she can join forces with.

Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis decided to summon the corpse and bring it to life but it turns out to be no normal looking corpse anymore.

Mario, Luigi, Tails, Twilight Sparkle and Friends gets a surprise visit from Princess Celestia informing them about the alliance made between two different universes with this universe and the other universe. She gives them a mirror to gain access another dimension to gather some new allies from another world.

Round 5

The Ultimate Master Planners of War held a meeting among themselves to discuss their process of their plans.

After forming an alliance with the Rainbooms. Mario and Twilight Sparkle tells them the reason why they're needed to join them in their team. And the Rainbooms agreed to aid them in battle against the forces of evil.

Darkseid, Thanos, Zurg and Tyler were making war plans of their own until Warp Darkmatter warns them about a powerful being known as: Galactus. Who could likely be either an ally to them or be a threat to their plans.

In an unknown cottage a wizard known as: Merlin has been studying about the war and decides there's something must be done about it.

The Horned King holds a meeting with his allies to introduce his newest member to his alliance: Mad Madam Mim.

Thanos' computers detect another possible threat which it turns out to be: Silver Surfer, who once served Galactus. So he hires Warp to destroy him before he becomes a threat to his and Darkseid's plans for controlling the galaxy.

Discord decided to have some fun by attacking Merlin's friend: Arthur, Until Merlin arrives to save him from Discord's tricks. But will this wizard be successful to save his friend?

The Kingpin hires Hobgoblin to take out both Raven and Starfire before they alongside the rest of the Teen Titans become a bigger threat. Hobgoblin agrees to do so but is Hobgoblin a match for Raven and Starfire?

Dr Robotnik decides to test his new Badniks by first testing out Scratch and Grounder who were the two out of the three new Badniks that the other Robotnik from the WHvVE Universe sent him to go on a mission and gather more prisoners for their collection of prisoners besides their captured princess collection. But will Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle make it out alive?

Learning about Quasimodo joined Esmeralda and Phoebus, Frollo hires a hunter known as: Kraven the Hunter to hunt them down and bring them to the Palace of Justice. But three on one does it sound tricky for Kraven?

Spike and Tails has gone on a solo mission together and gather more allies to aid them and they stumble upon Knuckles, Manic and Sonia who promise to aid them to rescue Sonic from Professor Zoom’s fortress.

After his failure to capture Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Phoebus. Kraven meets The Riddler as request by The Joker and The Green Goblin to recruit the hunter to their criminal empire.

Frollo learns of Kraven’s defeat and gets a visit from Snively alongside Sleet and Dingo who were sent by Robotnik to hand Frollo over Miguel and Tulio so Frollo could lock them up in his prison at the Palace of Justice.

(Hal Jordan) Green Lantern decided to go on a solo mission in space to investigate this alliance leaded by Darkseid and Thanos that has managed to make their presence known. But his arrival in space doesn’t go unnoticed Tyler learns about Green Lantern’s arrival and decides to put an end to the Green Lantern once and for all.

After the meeting with his allies. Bowser orders his children: The Koopalings to attack The Rainbooms who recently joined forces with Team Mario and Sonic alliance just as Adagio predicted. Which team will come out on top?

Dr. Drakken had learnt about The Fantastic Four and decides to send DNAmy to take them down with her mutants to take down The Fantastic Four and she accepts the task seeing this is her chance for her and her mutants to make their presence known in the war at the same time Tony Stark gives The Fantastic Four the location of her hideout.

Maleficent decides to have another captured princess in her collection of captured princesses. So, she sends out Adagio, Aria and Sonata to capture Princess Aurora with a musical spell.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather meets up with Merlin and they tell him about Princess Aurora has been captured and they need to find a way to rescue her and the other princesses that had been captured.

Princess Aurora is locked up with Belle, Jasmine and Snow White in the dungeon.

After his fight with Warp Darkmatter. Silver Surfer encounters Buzz Lightyear and co alongside Julie as they join forces to put an end to Darkseid and Thanos’ forces.

Zurg and Warp Darkmatter pay a visit to Galactus and try to have him join forces with Darkseid and Thanos. But Galactus refuses to join them and forces them to leave before he destroys them forcing Zurg and Warp Darkmatter to retreat back to Planet Z.

In Oscorp Norman Osborn (who is the Green Goblin’s secret identity) has a meeting with Hammerhead who has been sent by his boss to send Norman an interesting offer that he might accept.

Loki travels to a mysterious location known as: The Underworld. To pay a visit to his old friend known as: Hades and requests him to be a new member of The Ultimate Master Planners of War in exchange he would destroy Hercules and Zeus for him as long he deals with Thor for him. Which Hades accepts.

Batgirl encounters Huntress and requests a chance to team up on a mission to investigate a new crime boss in town.

Hammerhead informs his boss: Tombstone and Senor Senior Sr about Norman Osborn’s agreement to his offer and about that a threat might rise upon his plans of developing new supervillains.

After Scratch and Grounder’s failure to capture The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Coconuts wants to prove himself to Dr Robotnik that he can capture a hero or two however is he a match for Sonic’s brother and sister?

As a promise for Hades, Loki hunts down Hercules and decides to destroy him before he becomes a threat The Ultimate Master Planners of War’s plans. Will Hercules survive his first encounter with the God of Mischief or Loki gain the upper hand to victory?

Another crime threat has made a name for himself and this grabs the attention to The Billionaires of Crime who not wanting to get their hands dirty, Kingpin persuades his rival: The Punisher to deal with The Red Hood but Punisher accepts because he remembers the name of The Red Hood and he was the one for responsible for something for what he did to him and his family years ago.

Norman Osborn alongside Hammerhead and Dr Otto Octavius A.K.A Dr Octopus started developing Supervillains alongside some extra help from Dr Drakken bring in Flint Marko to be their test subject after he becomes: Sandman he goes out to cause crime to grab attention to his target: Batman.

Before joining The Ultimate Master Planners of War Hades finds Thor and prepares to destroy him for good however Thor catches his arrival and nearly gets caught unprepared to face the Lord of the Dead.

Detecting anymore threats to her sinister plans The Evil Queen learns about Zatanna and decides to take her down with Amora the Enchantress' right hand man: The Executioner by her side to aid her in her plan to destroy her but Zatanna has tricks up in her sleeve.

Galactus still angered by Zurg and Warp Darkmatter’s visit to him has being studying about the battles at earth and decides to put an end to all the heroes and villains for good.

Robotnik is outraged at Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts’ failures at taking down the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Manic and Sonia so he sends out Sleet and Dingo to capture more heroes that could be easy to capture.

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo join Team Mario and Sonic alliance after their encounter with Scratch and Grounder.

Frank Castle (The Punisher) visits his family’s grave and promises that he’ll get back at the man who took their lives away from him.

Meanwhile a new player in the criminal underworld known as: Silvermane recruits Rough Cut to build up his criminal empire to rule the Black Market for drug theft and other illegal businesses.

Meanwhile Discord forms an alliance with The Horned King to aid him in creating causing chaos in the war which The Horned King accepts but Sarousch doesn’t like the idea of Discord joining forces with the Horned King.

Amora the Enchantress introduces The Evil Queen to her new allies: Brandon Qwark and Queen Chrysalis.

Sarousch returns to Judge Claude Frollo’s forces and lay low profile of what he was doing behind Frollo’s back but both Cortez and Captain Hook notices something suspicious about Sarousch and decided to watch him on his next move.

The Fantastic Four meets up with The Justice League and The Avengers as the three Superhero teams combine forces and form an alliance.

Pocahontas and John Smith are outnumbered because Pocahontas’ tribe retreated and abandoned the Native Lands after Ratcliffe’s invasion, encounter a cowboy known as: Jonah Hex.

Professor Zoom realises that Sonic came up with a point that his allies would come and rescue him. So, he calls upon: Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Heatwave to aid him in the upcoming prison break.

The Joker and The Green Goblin hire a notorious criminal golfer known as: Duff Killigan to take down both Black Canary and Green Arrow to see if he is any good to join their criminal empire wiling to prove himself Duff challenges Black Canary and Green Arrow to a brawl but has he underestimate his targets?

Ratcliffe and Frollo order Gaston to go and investigate and see if there are any survivors from the invasion on the Native Lands and Gaston accepts the mission as a chance to also go on a hunting trip on his own while tracking down any survivors but instead, he stumbles upon Jonah Hex.

Mario, Tails, Twilight Sparkle along with their friends finally arrived in Professor Zoom’s fortress and prepare to rescue Sonic and make it out alive however Zoom and his newly formed forces are prepared for this upcoming prison break.

Kingpin decides to tie up his loose ends with another arch foe of his: Daredevil. By hiring an elder criminal mastermind known as: Ma Murder to take him down. But the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t seem to be alone at the last minute.

Spidey was out about to be alert of crime nearby and suddenly stumble upon a notorious Cat burglar from Gotham City known as: Catwoman who finds Spider Man interesting to toy around.

At Professor Zoom’s fortress with Sonic escaped from his cell and no allies left to aid him. Zoom decides to begins Phase 2 of his own plans.

Bowser and The Dazzlings punishes the Koopalings for their failure to defeat the Rainbooms.

After The Red Hood retreated, Frank Castle (The Punisher) decides to prepare himself for more uprising threats that could be more dangerous than The Red Hood.

Ra’s al Ghul travels to The Horned King’s castle for an alliance which The Horned King accepts and his entire alliance is now complete and ready to begin their quest on finding the Black Cauldron.

Meanwhile Jafar prepares his own forces to rule Agrabah alongside him: Mozenrath and their new allies: The Witches of Morva.

After her run in with Spider Man. Catwoman starts to learn about that the alien symbiote has been taken but she didn’t take it much to her boss’ dismay but she knows who could have taken it.

Spider Man returns back to the headquarters of The Avengers, The Justice League and The Fantastic Four and they can tell he looks different.

Ma Murder ends up in jail but a mysterious visitor came to her cell and shot her dead before she could even find out why he is in her cell.

Team Mario and Sonic alliance have been reassembled and their gathering in their alliance is almost complete despite Luigi’s suggestion of one more possible ally that can help them in the war.

Hobgoblin returns to the Kingpin and Lex Luthor punishes Hobgoblin for failing.

Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 arrives at the Teen Titans’ tower and poses an alliance to team up the teenager superheroes at the same time as Zatanna which they accept their offer to join them.

The Joker and The Green Goblin held a meeting with their allies and introduce them to their new allies: Bane and Killer Croc.

Round 6

After his failed attempt to destroy Raven and Starfire, Hobgoblin hires Shego to aid him in taking down one of the Teen Titans and Kim Possible’s newer allies: Jenny Wakeman/XJ9. At first Shego was doubtful but Hobgoblin promises to tell Tombstone to pay her if she joins him in his new mission and as the duo teamed up they find Cyborg and Jenny a great price to destroy than one ally in their team.

Zurg introduces one of his allies: Gravatina to Darkseid and Thanos, and to put her to good use they task her to destroy Silver Surfer who recently joined forces with Buzz Lightyear and his allies which Gravatina accepts.

Batman catches word of another crime spree and discovers that it is Black Cat causing the crime spree and decides to put an end to her crime spree but however he doesn’t know it was all part of her plan to get him captured.

To test Man Ape’s loyalty to him, Scar orders Man Ape to go and ambush Simba if he is still alive and finding a way to get the Pridelands back from his control. Simba might not be strong or a match for Man Ape but he has some friends in high places.

Lex Luthor and Slade form a meeting between themselves on recent events of their plans in the criminal underworld.

Gravatina returns to Planet Z informing Zurg for her failure to take down Silver Surfer. Which displeases Darkseid and Thanos badly.

(Hal Jordan) Green Lantern joins Buzz’s team as Buzz nicknames his team: The Galactic Hero Team Squad.

Dr Robotnik and Bowser tasks Sleet and Dingo to capture Mario and Luigi’s old friend: Yoshi and take him to Robotnik and his allies as prisoner. But Yoshi may not be tough as them but he is not going down without a fight.

Two Face arrives at The Joker and The Green Goblin’s base as they recruit him to their empire of crime and tasks him to take down Spider Man which Two Face accepts seeing this is his chance to strike in the war, unaware that Spidey doesn’t seem to be a easy target for him to mess with.

After Sandman been sent to prison. Hammerhead tasks Norman Osborn, Dr Drakken and Dr Otto Octavius to develop another Supervillain for Tombstone and his allies’ favor known as: The Rhino, and they send him to his first target: Superman.

Robotnik learns that Professor Zoom tried to capture Sonic and failed so in response he decides to take care of his foe: The Flash. But is The Flash capable of taking down Robotnik’s SWATBots himself or will Robotnik gain the upper hand with help from high places?

In his fortress. Professor Zoom started phase two of his plan and he brings in another player from a different dimension to form an alliance and he accepts Zoom’s offer.

Meanwhile The Joker and The Green Goblin gather some more members to their criminal empire: Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Their criminal empire is almost complete with: The Riddler, Mr Freeze, The Shocker The Penguin, Kraven, Bane, Killer Croc and Two Face at their side and Green Goblin who to call his new recruits to join them.

The Galactic Team Hero Squad have a meeting to discuss about how they would be able to beat Darkseid and Thanos’ forces.

Jonah Hex returns to Pocahontas and John Smith and warns them the dangers of Ratcliffe’s forces in the Native Lands.

The Rhino ends up in jail the same jail as Whrilwind, Sandman, DNAmy and Duff Killigan. As Whrilwind’s new boss in jail: Steven Mandragora reveals to his inmates that he has already made a plan for an upcoming prison break.

Silvermane recruits The Scorpion to become a member of his criminal empire.

The Rogues decided to go on a crime spree on their own without Zoom’s help but this doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sleet and Dingo gets punished by Robotnik and Bowser then Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts tease them which makes Sleet and Dingo outraged by their teasing. But Snively along with Metal Sonic find the rivalry of these five interesting.

Jenny and Cyborg return back to Titan tower and Beast Boy informs the others of what he discovered.

Kingpin and Tombstone recruits Alistair Smythe to work for their criminal empire which he accepts their offer.

Princess Celestia returns to the Royal Council and King Acorn and the Sultan reveal that they all have discovered the Black Cauldron with some help from Sir Ector and Sir Kay who form an alliance with the council.

Round 7

Queen Chrysalis returns to Nightmare Moon and their mysterious ally known as: Count Dracula, to bring them to The Evil Queen and her forces for new reinforcements.

In Latveria, Dr Doom and Loki discover the location of the magical item their allies had been looking for: The Ruby Sunstone. But they don’t know a solider of freedom has overheard everything.

Man Ape returns to Scar’s alliance and informs them that Simba has start making his own alliance to strike back at Scar. But Shere Khan has some other ideas for himself and Scar.

The Horned King travels to The Evil Queen’s castle to offer her and her allies a deal. If she and her allies get him the Black Cauldron from the Royal Council she would be offer a partnership with him and combine forces. The Queen tells him she will think about it as he leaves.

The Enchantress have other plans in store for the Queen’s alliance and Queen Chrysalis introduces The Queen to her new allies to the alliance: Nightmare Moon and Count Dracula.

Batman wakes up from his coma to find himself captured and discovers Black Cat was also working for Silvermane however when Silvermane refuses to pay half of the bargain of the deal between himself and Black Cat. Black Cat gets outraged by this and leaves Silvermane’s criminal empire swearing revenge on betrayal.

Shego and Hobgoblin return to The Billionaires of Crime and thinking that he is untrustworthy, Lex Luthor fires Hobgoblin for his lack of loyalty to his bosses but Hobgoblin fights back forcing The Billionaires of Crime and Shego to retreat leaving Hobgoblin the new leader of the fallen criminal empire. After they managed to retreat, Lex Luthor and his allies moved to their back up base which is Kingpin’s tower in New York to make more plans on how to deal with Hobgoblin and the Teen Titans.

Judge Claude Frollo has been informed by one of his men that they located the Court of Miracles so he orders Captain Hook to go and dispatch his crew of Pirates to take care any possible threats that could be there to ambush him from taking over. Which Hook accepts but he is unaware that Sarousch is making his next move behind Frollo’s back.

Peter Pan travelled back to Neverland to gather the Lost Boys for a chance to join him in his alliance with Aladdin and Prince Phillip until suddenly Baron Zemo invades Neverland in a chance of taking over Neverland for his own plans.

M.O.D.O.K learns about the threat that The Justice League, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four’s alliance pose and decides to attack The Question to damage the alliance for good but will The Question can stand up against M.O.D.O.K’s tricks or with some help?

After recruiting Ms Marvel to The Justice League, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four’s alliance, Tony Stark introduces her to Superman, Wonder Woman and Daredevil as they are impressed with their new ally. But unaware that Slade witness this and has The Evil Queen dispatch her new recruited ally: Pete to take her down.

The Evil Queen and Queen Chrysalis decided to set the Hulk loose and have him cause trouble to keep the Justice League, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four at bay. As soon the Hulk cause chaos Superman and the other heroes try to reason with Hulk, But the Hulk is still under the Queen’s control Superman and the others are unaware of who is responsible of the Hulk’s rage to be awaken until the answer is revealed of what’s making the Hulk lose control.

Frollo with the aid of Gaston and CorteZ round up the prisoners in the Court of Miracles preparing to lock them up and Frollo congratulates Sarousch for aiding Hook, unbeknownst to everyone Captain Hook busts out the trap door and swears revenge on Sarousch for making Frollo believe that he failed the mission.

Bruce Banner explains what had happened to him during his encounter with The Evil Queen to his allies and team mates. Outraged of her spell on the Hulk has destroyed The Evil Queen punishes Queen Chrysalis and Brandon Qwark for their failure during the Hulk’s rampage then Amora the Enchantress introduces The Queen to her new ally: Baron Zemo who agrees to be part of her alliance, Pete on the other hand ends up displeased with Zemo and challenges him to a duel to be a member of The Queen’s army at first Zemo accepts until The Evil Queen and the Enchantress put them in their place.

After The Question and Hawkgirl defeated him. M.O.D.O.K returns to his base to find Bowser there with an offer for M.O.D.O.K.