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Fred Bedderhead, harmonica and bass player of the Country Bears.

Fred Bedderhead is a member of the musical band the Country Bears and one of the main protagonists of the Disney's live-action film The Country Bears. The younger brother of Ted Bedderhead, Fred appears as the harmonica and bass player of the band. He longed for the glorious days back when the Bears attained years of popularity through their concerts until its split between its members. Finding the courage from the young bear Beary Barrington, Fred was convinced to reassemble the group back together on purpose to thwart Reed Thimple's plan to destroy their concert hall. After many misadventures, the band was reassembled back again, ready to test their musical talents before a crowding audience at their concert. During those moments, Fred and other Bears realised that Thimple was actually Benny Bogswaggle, a long-standing rival who held a grudge on the group ever since his defeat in a talent competition. After foiling his machinations, Fred and the other Bears restored their popularity to the public, assigning Beary as the new member of the band.

Fred also appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as among the characters who became involved in the conflict between the heroes and the villains, although it is unknown what role he will partake in the series.

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