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Fortune is one of the secondary antagonists of the video game, Metal Gear Solid 2. An assassin seemingly unkillable with bullets and other conventional weaponry, Fortune is a secondary player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Dealings with Nobodies

After Revolver Ocelot, Fortune's superior, allies with Xemnas, Fortune finds herself paired with Axel of Organization XIII. The two are sent to assassinate Galenth Dysley, a threat to their alliance. The magical being fires several bolts at Fortune, but none of them hits its mark. Dysley soon transforms into a powerful being known as Barthandelus. Fortune remains unfazed, vaporizing the monster with a few blasts from her massive gun.


Marluxia, one of Axel's partners in Organization XIII, soon becomes suspicious of Fortune's activities. When Ocelot orders her to exterminate Doctor Cid and Judge Bergan, Marluxia sends a massive Twilight Thorn as an insurance policy. As the battle rages, the Twilight Thorn kills Bergan but ends up injured by Cid. In the heat of the battle, Fortune turns her gun on her own ally and wipes out the Twilight Thorn. As it turns out, Ocelot ordered Fortune to join up with Cid, who supplies the injured Ocelot with a new arm.