Flynn Rider
Eugene TTS

Flynn Rider (real name Eugene Flitzherbert) is the deuteragonist of the Disney's animated feature film Tangled. Based on the "Prince" from the original tale of the Brothers Grimm, Flynn Rider is a cunning plunderer and fraudster who uses his charm and quick-wits to escape from the palace guards of Corona and the criminals of the countryside. On one of his misadventures, he stumbled upon Rapunzel's tower, where he freed Rapunzel from Mother Gothel's captivity, and assisted her in finding her royal family in Corona. As their journey went on, Flynn started to develop feelings for Rapunzel while experiencing a change of heart. Eventually, they defeated Gothel, whom she used Rapunzel to her advantage, and returned to the capital to reunite with the royal family, clearing Flynn's name out of the public and ascending to the life of royalty. He also appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as one of Rapunzel's acquaintances, where he defends the CGI universe from the forces of evil.

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