Prophet of the Warren


Fiver is the deuteragonist of the Richard Adams book, and its subsequent film and television series appearances, Watership Down. The young brother of Hazel, Fiver is one of the members of the Watership Down warren. Though he has lack of battle experience, Fiver has the ability to foresee tragic and dramatic future events, including the rise of Hexxus and the Firebird in the mortal plane, during the events of Heroes vs. Villains War, warning the group about the next dangers they will face.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Approaching Storm

Fiver emerges from his warren to graze alongside with his brother Hazel. Though life seemed peaceful, Fiver catch glimpse of a storm approaching; indeed, he suddenly forsees an apocalyptic vision regarding about flaming forests and lives split in blood, both of which would be caused by the actions of malevolent supernatural creatures. Hazel comforts him, convicing him to consult the chief rabbit Threarah for knowledge along with his brethren. Once they find him, Hazel and the other rabbits gather, unluckuly, crucial intel from the chief rabbit's wisdom. To that end, Hazel and the other rabbits decided to investigate the mysterious actions behind the world's events, and find the answers on their own.

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