Fire Mystic

The Fire Mystic is one of the five Foot Mystics, a group of demons, bent on releasing the Tengu Shredder to the world of living. A capable and tough warrior, engulfed in flames, the Fire Mystic is a minor player in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Being a servant of the Tengu Shredder, the Fire Mystic is introduced as one of the multiple associates of the Four Eastern Demons. However, he does not live for long to see his master release from his prison, as a team of sorcerers, led by Rothbart, which is called the Sorcerer's Society, arrives to kill the Mystics. In the midst of the fight, the Fire Mystic is found clear opened by the de facto leader, Rothbart, who blasts him into a pool of water, weaking him from his powers. The helpless Mystic then watches, as a spirit animal, a massive hawk, summoned by Zigzag, kills the demon.

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