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Fire Lord Ozai is the main villain of Avatar franchise and a major player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War. One of the most powerful fire-benders of his era, Ozai is the primary antagonist of the series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ozai is manipulative and cunning, but values power over all else. He is unafraid to delegate, using his own children as the primary enforcers of his will. He is the paternal grandfather of Izumi.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Initial Impressions

Fire Lord Ozai remains a shadowy figure during the war's beginning. He tasks his daughter, Princess Azula, with discovering information about Ratcliffe's regime in England. They decide to use their newfound information to their advantage. He then decides to begin a mass genocide all over the world, to create a land "in which all lands are Fire Nation, and he is the supreme ruler of everything."

Next Moves

Ozai decided that his first move would be to take down the opposing navy of England. Therefore, he sends his top Admiral, Zhao, to deal with King Ratcliffe and his ships. Zhao's own navy is able to emerge victorious, and Ozai's plan continues to proceed as planned.

Master of the Genie & The New Order

Having obtained Jafar's magic lamp, Ozai decided to use his first of three wishes. He wishes for his powers to be amplified before carrying out his master plan. Jafer agrees, and Ozai now proclaimes himself as "The Pheonix King."  With Jafar's help, he then asserts himself as the new king of the world, taking Ruber's place, and taking control of the war councel. He then decides that "it is time for this world to end in fire, and for a new world to be born from the ashes." He decides that now is the perfect time to begin the genocide, but decides to leave Azula behind in the Fire Nation, much to her dismay and Jafar's delight.

Vs Shan Yu and Mozenwrath

Deciding that his first part of his plan would be to eliminate all rivals, Ozai decides to attack Shan Yu first. Having battled years ago in which Ozai claimed the life of Shan Yu's beloved, Ozai decides that now is the time to finish the job. Ozai confronts his old enemy, and attacks Mozenwrath with a blast of lightning. The sorcerer retaliates with his magic, knocking Ozai away. With his armies approaching, his rivals are forced to flee.

The Battle of China & Death

Ozai decides to make his second wish. He demands Jafar's undying loyalty during his attack on China, to which the genie agrees. Ozai then proceeds with the attack, using his airships to raze the lands after Jafar blasts a hole in China's great wall. Ozai's ship is attacked by Ayam Aghoul, causing the king to abandon the airship, he retaliates with "all the power in the world", attacking Mozenwrath, a gaint Mad Madam Mim, and Yzma, defeating them all. He is then attacked suddenly by Jafar. Ozai threatens to kill the genie, but Jafar responds that it is his time to reign. Ozai attacks the genie furiously, but his firebending is unable to damage Jafar's magic body. He retreats, as Jafar gives chase. Ozai hits Jafar with a flurry of fire, giving his some distance between himself and the genie. Unleashing his magic, Jafar blasts Ozai into a pillar of stone, and then leaves the weakened Firelord. Shan Yu then appears on the hilltop. Knowing that his death is near, Ozai remains defiant to the end, until Shun Yu slaughters him.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A War of Fire and Ice

When the Ice Nation, led by Nekron, begins encroaching upon Fire Nation territory, Ozai sends Admiral Zhao to take out the threat. Zhao ends up hindered by a wall of ice surrounding Nekron's base. Needing to consolidate his power, Ozai joins forces with Pharaoh Rameses of Egypt, thinking more allies can help him win the day. This partnership proves somewhat difficult, as Rameses clings to old methodical battle tactics. When Ozai suggests that he update his methods, Rameses rejects him, blasting him with a pulse of energy from the One Ring of Power. Rameses then doubles the work load of the Fire Nation troops.

Breaking Through

Admiral Zhao returns home, asking permission to use his most dangerous techniques to break through the Ice Nation's blockade: namely, opening geysers underneath the sea, potentially destroying all terrain used for land warfare. Under Rameses's influence, Ozai consents. Upon Zhao's departure, Mumm-Ra arrives, revealing that Nekron and his armies are traveling to Egypt to take Ozai and co. down. After learning that Eris is aiding Nekron's forces, Rameses flies into a rage; in the midst of this, Ozai heads after the pharaoh's abandoned One Ring, wanting revenge for his humiliation.

Defeating His Foes

When Zhao pierces the Ice Nation's defenses, the Fire Lord makes his move. He and his daughter travel directly to Nekron's lair, encountering him and the Snow Queen. Leaving Azula to finish the Snow Queen, Ozai turns to Nekron. He readies a fireball for Nekron's head, but he finds himself caught in place; Nekron is using telekinesis to hold him back. Frustrated, Ozai struggles, but Nekron forces him against a wall and begins choking the life out of him. Ozai is about to collapse when Azula intercedes and burns Nekron into a charred corpse.

With the wind back in him, Ozai burns a dangerous ice pterosaur out of the sky. Doing so unleashes the full wrath of the Snow Queen, temporarily frozen in her bout with Azula. The Fire Lord is able to block her attacks, and he gets the idea to melt the entire Ice Nation. He takes advantage of a hole in the ice made by the falling pterosaur, heating the water underneath to a boiling point. The entire ice fortress begins collapsing, killing nearly everyone inside. As the Snow Queen tries to flee, Ozai literally burns her last bridge, leaving her to die. Ozai and his daughter use their firebending to fly out of the wreckage, leaving the Ice Nation to crumble into the sea.

Phoenix King

With his enemies defeated and Rameses ruined after the Ice Nation's attack upon Egypt, Ozai declares himself the ruler of both lands, crowning himself the Phoenix King. He awards his son, Zuko, with a title, as he managed to break through Nekron's blockade after Zhao's death. In the middle of the proceedings, they encounter an emissary of the powerful Britannian empire, Julius Kingsley, who allies with the group.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Ozai appears in the Epilogue of the fourth round, as amongst the new players, who would make their move into the ensuing war.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Mumm-Ra

In the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai was confronted by a sorcerer named Mumm-Ra, who demanded that Ozai cede control of the Fire Nation to him. Unintimidated by Mumm-Ra's frail appearance, Ozai attacked him. However, much to Ozai’s shock, Mumm-Ra transformed into his much more powerful Ever-living form, and beat Ozai back. The sorcerer then gave the Fire Lord a mere few days to give up his throne or die, and then departed. Ozai, unwilling to agree to Mumm-Ra's terms but unable to defeat him, decided to outsource the job to someone more powerful.

The next day, Ozai awakened a powerful demon named Aku, and tasked him with defeating Mumm-Ra. Aku, impressed by the mortal's courage and eager to test his own power, agreed, and confronted Mumm-Ra in his temple. Mumm-Ra transformed into his Ever-living form once again, but Aku proved more powerful than the sorcerer expected, and quickly overwhelmed Mumm-Ra, causing him to revert back to his decayed form. Heavily weakened, Mumm-Ra was forced to retreat back into his tomb. Satisfied with his victory, Aku departed, while Ozai looked on in satisfaction.

Revisited by Aku

n the Fire Nation, Ozai and Azula were shocked to receive a visit from Aku, who offered an official alliance with the Fire Nation. Realizing the usefulness of having a powerful being like Aku on their side, especially given they had faced, the two accepted the demon's offer, much to Aku's delight.

In the Fire Nation, Aku paid a second visit to Ozai. This time, he requested that Ozai preform a certain task for him as a sign of good faith to seal their alliance.

Zuko brought the statue of Discord to the Fire Nation, where Ozai presented it to Aku. Using his powers, Aku broke the stone prison and freed his brother. At long last, Discord was ready to rejoin the war.

War with gems

Azula and Zhao, returning to the Fire Nation capital after their earlier defeat, report to Fire Lord Ozai about the Gems’ takeover of their land. Feeling that a war is inevitable, Ozai decides that it is time to start gathering more allies to strike back against them.

Joining a new ally

The Fire Nation welcomes their newest ally, Ozai's estranged brother, Father, in hopes that he and his FOWL troops will be able to replenish their forces. However, little does Ozai know that Father has a hidden motive for this alliance...

During a faction meeting, Father calls Azula's competence into question, citing both her failure to capture Peridot and her defeat at the hands of Jasper as examples of her failures in the war compared to his own successful track record, angering the princess. Father then attempts to convince Ozai to find someone better to inherit the throne, subtly suggesting himself as a worthy candidate. Furious, Azula decides the time has come to regain her honor.

With his army destroyed and his invasion a failure, Father returns to the Fire Nation in shame. However, upon his arrival, he is shocked to see Azula and Chase being honoured for their conquest of Omashu. With Ozai’s faith in Azula restored, and Father’s own reputation destroyed by his humiliating defeat, his plans to take the throne are ruined. As the rest of the faction watches, Ozai punishes Father for his failure by placing Azula above him in rank, causing Father to storm out in a rage, as he prepares to move on to Plan B.

Vs Yellow Diamond

The allied forces of the Gems and the Earth Empire launch a full-scale attack on the Fire Nation capital. With much of the Fire Nation's forces occupied elsewhere, the capital's defenses are completely unprepared for an attack, and are quickly overrun by the invading armies. Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond goes to personally deal with Fire Lord Ozai. The two rulers face off one on one, but an unexpected betrayal may tip the scales...

Returned to Aku

With the Fire Nation capital in the hands of the Gems, Ozai and his remaining forces take refuge at Aku's fortress, where the Fire Lord entreats the demon's help. To honor their bargain, Aku summons a comet that, when it passes over in a week’s time, will increase the power of the fire benders tenfold. With this new advantage, Ozai and Azula eagerly begin planning their counter-attack.

Fire Lord Ozai holds a meeting of his generals to discuss strategies for their upcoming attack on the Gem/Earth Empire, when Samhain arrives to warn Aku that Bill is about to escape the barrier. Aku and Discord then depart to deal with Bill, forcing Ozai and Azula to proceed with the attack without their support. Fortunately, Vexus arrives and offers her aid in taking down the Gems, which the royals gladly accept.

Final Battle

At that moment, reinforcements arrive in the form of a second airship fleet, led by Fire Lord Ozai himself. As Azula and her allies vacate the battlefield, Ozai rains fire onto the Gems, eradicating the entire army, including the Diamonds themselves. With their forces destroyed, Kuvira and the other survivors are forced to surrender, while Father, Peridot, and Lapis make their escape, leaving Ozai and Azula victorious.

Vs Father

Having successfully destroyed the Diamonds, Ozai returns to the reclaimed capital city in triumph. However, he is met by Father, who challenges him to an Agni Kai for the crown. The two brothers face off in one last showdown, with the prize being the throne of the Fire Nation.

The Pheonix King

Fire Lord Ozai claims control of the Earth Kingdom, declaring himself the Phoenix King. Kuvira and her remaining allies are imprisoned, while Azula takes command of the Dai Li.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Meeting with other world rulers

Securing his empire’s dominance, Skeletor and his ruling council hold a summit with the remaining world leaders: Fire Lord Ozai, Fuhrer King Bradley, Charles zi Britannia, and Dr. Robotnik. Skeletor proposes that they all work together towards mutual prosperity, while also revealing that he now controls the Shredder’s former secret weapon. Although Emperor Charles is slightly impressed by this display of authority, Ozai, Bradley, and Robotnik are all less than willing to submit to the rule of another.

Teaming with Fuhrer

As Chase and Charmcaster report back to Ozai and Azula about their failed mission, the royals are visited by Fuhrer King Bradley, who proposes that the Fire Nation and Amestris join forces to take down Skeletor.

Giving a task to Zuko

The Fire Nation and Amestris hold council with their allies, preparing to wage war against Skeletor. Wanting to continue to keep tabs on Skeletor and Britannia’s activities, Ozai gives Zuko a special task.Negotiations between Skeletor, the Fire Nation, and Britannia continue, with each nation appointing their own ambassador for peace (Macbeth for Skeletor, Zuko for the Fire Nation, and Suzaku Kururugi for Britannia.) However, despite these surface-level pleasantries, tensions remain high between the nations, as each sees through the other’s facades.

New ally

Having heard of the recent prison break, Ozai and Bradley recruit one of the escapees, Solf J. Kimblee, as their new enforcer.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two


Fire Lord Ozai is making plans with the Fire Nation to take over lands all throughout the world, with the help of his assistant, Fire Lord Zhao.

Sending his army

Beginning his plan to destroy all the lands, Fire Lord Ozai sends his second in command, Admiral Zhao to destroy the Forbidden Mountains.To Destroy their next target, England, Fire Lord Ozai approaches Combustion Man and Amon to defeat its leader, Charizard.

Destroying Forbidden Mountain

Meanwhile, with Charizard and Entei defeated, Fire Lord Ozai orders his army to destroy the castle.

Banishing Amon

Amon is revealed to be backstabbing Fire Lord Ozai, when he tells he is actually helping him just to rule England himself, and tells him he is actually working with Queen Narissa the whole time. Furious, Fire Lord Ozai banishes him permanently.

Vs Misty

After losing to the Gorgon Sisters, Misty might be ready to leave Cerulean City. But problems get even worse than Fire Lord Ozai begins invasion in the city. Misty fears the city will be destroyed, but with the help of Dawn, May and their Pokemon, this might be a great chance to defend the city with Dawn fighting Combustion Man, and May fighting Admiral Zhao, while Misty decides to deal with the nasty Fire Lord herself; after all, water is good against fire.

Ozai in the Live Action Universe

Villains War: The Age of Animation

Overheated Beginnings

The Fire Nation Royal Lineage is a brutal one, home to the deaths of various family members, and massive abuse, and Ozai was no exception to this rule. Every day was an Agni Kai for him, fighting against his father Azulon at noon, and every other hour was spent training, perfecting his firebending so that he may finally best his father in the duel. At the age of 14, his dream came true, as Azulon was electrocuted through a new skill Ozai learned after training in a thunderstorm, yet was promptly arrested for murder as his wife Ursa becomes the new Fire Lord.

There was only one day Ozai was released from prison, and that was for him and his wife to birth the next Fire Lord should Ursa pass away, named Azula after he deceased grandfather. After that day, Ozai was sent back to prison, to have his body age, decompose and be feasted on by rats and maggots overtime. For years, his only visitor was a young Azula, who had no shame in mocking her father because of her status as the next Fire Lord, and his status as a prisoner, until one day, Ursa came by, and hatched an idea to give Ozai what was rightfully his.

Years after the death of Azulon, Ursa seemingly went missing and was presumed dead, however there was a note on the Fire Nation throne written by her, that said "Give Ozai The Throne". Although many firebenders were reluctant, Ozai was let out of prison and promised a new golden age for the Fire Nation. The next day, the recent Fire Lord heard a knock on the Royal Palace's front door, and found a baby lying there, alongside a note that told him that this was Ursa's gift, a child named Zuko that Ozai could call his own. He promised to treat Zuko far better than any Firebender had treated their child in the past, as a thank you to Ursa, for giving him something he could truly love.

The Age of Animation

Ozai is shown to be one of the few live action villains in the war, before switching to his Animated Counterpart.

Broken Balance

Alongside Earth King Feng, Ozai arrives at the Air Nomad castle, about to negotiate with The Storm King, only to find the entire region set aflame. Believing this was caused by The Earth Kingdom, Ozai arrives back to the Fire Nation to announce his belief that The Earth Kingdom waged war upon the nation, and spark one.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Villains Battles

Pre-War:Request for his father

Ozai requests to his father to usurp the throne, only for him to punish him, unaware that the heirs are hidden.

Villains Battles 2

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Non Disney Villains War

Vs Nekron

Fire Lord Ozai, hoping to help his old friend Nekron in a mission, wanted to forge an alliance with him. However, when the icy emperor refuses his alliance and mocks him, has he underestimated the Fire Nation Ruler?

Heroes Vs Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War - Part Two