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Prologue: - Dr. Gori is flying above Japan when suddenly his ship is contacted by Dr. Forrester and Thatcher. Dr. Forrester suggests an alliance with Gori, as they've heard that he can turn any earth junk into pollution monsters, and suggests with their help, they can destroy NERV's strongest defenses. For return, Forrester gets Gori's space technology for himself. Gori is uncertain if he wants to team up with humans, but Thatcher promises to use her political influence to give Gori a platform of power so he can become the ruler of Earth. Dr. Gori now sounds a lot more interested in the deal, and demands Forrester to find something he can use to turn into monsters. After satisfied Thatcher and Forrester have turned off the signal however, Gori plans to kill both humans once they've stopped being useful, and refuses to share any of his technology with the humans. - Flipper and his friends have arrived in the Paradise Island, where they encounter Lord Winston. Flipper needs help from Mermaid Princess Laura to help rebuilding Quetzo. Winston tells the new arrivals to follow him - Jim has come back to his senses, and is horrified his suit is gone. He sees Pac-Man and Pepper nearby. Pac-Man asks Jim where is he from, while Jim explains how he used to be a great Videoland hero until his suit was stolen. Pac-Man and Pepper promise to help him, believing he could drive Bowser's forces away from Pac-Land. - Ceylan arrives to Mr. White's shop, and meets Guren, Toxsa and Chooki again. He also meets a newcomer, Cubix. Mr. White is happy that Cubix has been finally fixed. With Ceylan another new visitor comes, White Bomber. White Bomber wants help from the boys to reach Jetters headquarters again, and Ceylan believes with Cubix, they can help him. A new alliance is sparking. - Clementine awakens on her bed, where she sees her guardian angel Hemera. Hemera believes she should take her to a trip to U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln where Keita, David, Max, Jean and Nadia also have ended up. Clementine arrives in the cabin, where Jean welcomes her, believing her to be a daughter of one of the ship's crew members, while Nadia is somewhat relieved that there is finally another girl in the ragtag of boys she's somehow ended up together with.

Attack on the Ship

Poseidon, who has been tasked by Malmoth to separate the children, ends up summoning two monsters, many-headed sea serpent Skylla and giant squid Kraken. The captain of the ship is quick to notice them, believing them to be sea monsters who have sunk ships all across the world. Nadia however, being close to animals, doesn't want him to hurt them, but Captain refuses. As Kraken and Skylla commit their first attacks, the children in the ship are affected by the shaking of the ship, and the ship fighting back against Poseidon's pets in a gruesome ocean warfare.

Interlude 1: - Poseidon is satisfied he succeeded in his task, and believes Malmoth will give back the power he had over the oceans now that he's made Ragnarok closer to happening. Nadia, Jean, Max, Virgil, Norman, Clementine and her cat Helice are alive, but have fallen off the ship as a result of the attack. According to Virgil, the prophecy states that someone should get them off the predicament very soon, but isn't sure when. Clementine is willing to use her barrel and Helice's copter to look for help. - Meanwhile, David and his pets, Keita, Whisper and Jibanyan have remained in the ship, but are now confused about where other kids have went. Grenavan, tells them they should follow him to his lifeboat, where he will take them to the shore. David is annoyed by the constant back-and-forth, but the group follows him anyway.

Hawk the Slayer and Ban vs. Melona

Ban is kept imprisoned in one of the Royal Knights prisons. Hawk the Slayer and his ally, the old Ranulf, arrive to the prison with the intention to free Ban, but have a runin with the creepy guardian of the prison, Melona. Will Hawk keep up with Melona's strange and brutal way of fighting with the help of his staff, and what is locked up Deadly Sin's role in this battle?

Odysseus vs. Gilthunder

Odysseus has gone hunting while Diane is talking to Nisa, Titan, Zephyr and others about the other Deadly Sins. Just then a thunder cracks from the sky and locks up Diane, revealing the intruder to be Royal Knight Gilthunder. Gilthunder intends to kill Diane but Nisa and others won't let him. Odysseus runs in and ends up challenging Gilthunder to a battle. With Gilthunder's thunder magic, could Odysseus stand a chance?

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