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Father, also known as Benedict Uno, is the main antagonist in Codename: Kids Next Door, as he is meant to represent an oppressive abusive parent, and is out to destroy the KND organization and rule the world peacefully. In the Villain Wars, Father first appeared in Cartoon Villains War as the brother and potential foil to Fire Lord Ozai, although there were plans to bring him into Disney VS Non Disney Villains beforehand.

Cartoon Villains War

Getting a report

Meanwhile, the Delightful Children From Down The Lane reported to their master, the enigmatic Father.

Vs Valmont

At their headquarters, the Green Goblin called Valmont and his henchman before him to discuss rumors of a new player that had recently entered the war, known only as Father. The Goblin tasked Valmont with either recruiting Father into their syndicate, or eliminating him altogether. Accepting the mission, Valmont traveled to Father's mansion, where he was greeted by the man himself. Valmont attempted to reason with him and negotiate an alliance, but Father had no interest in joining what he viewed as a small-time gang, and rebuffed Valmont, threatening him to leave lest he incur his wrath. Seeing that there was no further point in trying to be civil, Valmont ordered his men to dispose of Father. However, Father turned out to be a powerful firebender, and dispatched the thugs with ease. As Father turned his attention back to Valmont, the crime lord activated a magical element in his cane, causing it to fly forwards and knock Father into an open fireplace. Valmont then grabbed his cane and revealed a magical dagger hidden inside, preparing to finish his enemy. Father, however, quickly recovered, and, burning with rage, unleashed a barrage of fire onto Valmont, singing the crime lord. Father then transformed into a large, fiery dragon. Seeing that they were far outmatched, Valmont and his men fled the mansion. However, the battle was not a complete loss for Valmont, as once they had gotten far enough away, one of his henchman presented him with something they had managed to steal from the mansion before their escape: a certain magical talisman...

Vs Steelbeak

Wanting to take a more decisive step in the war, Father and his children attack the headquarters of the criminal organization known as F.O.W.L., in order to take it over. However, they will have to contend  with F.O.W.L.’s top agent, Steelbeak, and his vast array of henchmen and gadgets..

Joining his brother

The Fire Nation welcomes their newest ally, Ozai's estranged brother, Father, in hopes that he and his FOWL troops will be able to replenish their forces. However, little does Ozai know that Father has a hidden motive for this alliance...

Vs Topaz

Looking to gain Ozai's favor and to advance within the ranks of the Fire Nation, Father takes Admiral Zhao with him on a mission into Gem territory to capture one of Yellow Diamond's top agents. However, will the two firebenders prove a match for both Aquamarine and her hulking bodyguard, Topaz?

A Rivalty with Azula

During a faction meeting, Father calls Azula's competence into question, citing both her failure to capture Peridot and her defeat at the hands of Jasper as examples of her failures in the war compared to his own successful track record, angering the princess. Father then attempts to convince Ozai to find someone better to inherit the throne, subtly suggesting himself as a worthy candidate. Furious, Azula decides the time has come to regain her honor.

Vs Nergal

With his master plan entering its final stages, Bill Cipher wishes to be certain that nothing else can interfere with his schemes. To this end, his sends Nergal to look into Aku’s allies, the Fire Nation, and see whether or not they will pose a threat to him. At the same time, Father, looking to further gain Ozai’s trust and cement his position as the next Fire Lord, is preparing for an attack on the Earth Kingdom city of Zaofu. However, will a certain demon looking to make friends bring his winning streak to a fiery end?


With his army destroyed and his invasion a failure, Father returns to the Fire Nation in shame. However, upon his arrival, he is shocked to see Azula and Chase being honoured for their conquest of Omashu. With Ozai’s faith in Azula restored, and Father’s own reputation destroyed by his humiliating defeat, his plans to take the throne are ruined. As the rest of the faction watches, Ozai punishes Father for his failure by placing Azula above him in rank, causing Father to storm out in a rage, as he prepares to move on to Plan B.

Joining The Gems

Yellow Diamond meets with David Xanatos, who resigns from her forces, and offers the intel the Pack gathered as payment for her aid. Gladly accepting the information, Yellow Diamond orders her generals to begin mobilizing their army, as she prepares for an all-out attack on the Fire Nation capital, with the help of a secret new ally.

Attacking the Fire Nation

The allied forces of the Gems and the Earth Empire launch a full-scale attack on the Fire Nation capital. With much of the Fire Nation's forces occupied elsewhere, the capital's defenses are completely unprepared for an attack, and are quickly overrun by the invading armies. Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond goes to personally deal with Fire Lord Ozai. The two rulers face off one on one, but an unexpected betrayal may tip the scales...

Prepare for the war

The Diamonds promise to reward Father for his aid by making him the new Fire Lord once the Fire Nation is completely conquered. In Ba Sing Se, the Diamonds ready their forces in anticipation of a siege, while giving Kuvira’s earthbenders the order to awaken the Cluster.

The War of Earth and Fire

As Azula and her allies vacate the battlefield, Ozai rains fire onto the Gems, eradicating the entire army, including the Diamonds themselves. With their forces destroyed, Kuvira and the other survivors are forced to surrender, while Father, Peridot, and Lapis make their escape, leaving Ozai and Azula victorious.

The Agni Kai

Having successfully destroyed the Diamonds, Ozai returns to the reclaimed capital city in triumph. However, he is met by Father, who challenges him to an Agni Kai for the crown. The two brothers face off in one last showdown, with the prize being the throne of the Fire Nation. The royal family members match each other blow for blow, until Uno's hatred gets the better of him, leaving him vulnerable to a massive flame. With his brother seemingly knocked out, Ozai mocks Uno for his tenacity, only to be surprised to see him turn into a dragon at his boiling point. This new form is too much for Ozai to handle up close, as he flies to a distant rock, and knocks his brother into a massive pit. Now that the last loose end is tied up, The Fire Nation prepares for the celebration


Father is most likely locked up in a Fire Nation prison cell after the Agni Kai, as Ozai claims the remnants of the Earth Kingdom and becomes the Phoenix King and Azula is appointed control of the Dai Li.

Cartoon Villains War-Part Two

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Father's Dragon Form

Sending his kids

Father assigned a job for his 5 kids and that was to destroy Sonic the hedgehog they don't think they had the time to fight an animal but they do it any ways. Father is angry at his delightful kids for "Defeating" the blue blur, But he gives them another chance for impressing him.

Villains Battles 2

Villains War (Adrian C)

Teaming with Hades

Hades is Visited by a another Fire Villain and decides to Team Up.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Puppetino

Grandfather has Been reborn,he yells at Father for being a failure,they are quickly approached by Puppetino,angered,Father decided to Kill Him.

Father in the CGI realm.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Dealing with Him

Father Sends his '''Childrens''' and his new allie to deal with the rest of Him's Alliance.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Darth Maul

Darth Maul decide to challenge Father into a fight for proving himself to his master. However, Father may not be an easy target as Maul though.

Teaming with his brother

Lord Ozai receives a visit from his brother, Father, who is welcomed in Ozai's faction, much to his happiness.

All-Star Villains Tournament