The Excalibur is a legendary weapon, applied to possess magical power forged on the realm of Avalon, and wielded by the future king of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. It is the prime material of the Arthurian legend, as it is used by Arthur in battle against vast armies and powerful foes. The Excalibur is also the prime material of the animated film, Quest for Camelot, where it is possessed by Arthur Pendragon of Camelot, though it is sought by the corrupt knight Ruber, for the purpose to rule Camelot all by himself, only to be foiled by the combined efforts of Garrett and Kayley.

Regarding the villain tournaments, the Excalibur sword appears as one of the main items of the series, with the appearance from the Quest for Camelot film, being used to represent it's existence. In most occasions, it is sought by Ruber, who eventually retrieves it and fuses it with his attached hand, with the use of his his magical potion, to increase his power, for his upcoming battles against his adversaries.

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