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Evil Buzz Lightyear is the evil counterapart of the ranger Buzz Lightyear and one of the minor villains in the disney animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He comes from an alternate universe which he used to rule over it instead of the evil warlord Emperor Zurg, the main villain in the series. He is a major player in the recently Disney Villains War 3, which he was freed from his universe and started new plans for conquering the other dimension.

Disney Villains War 3

Vs Doctor Doofersmith

Having left the Dimensionator open in hopes that his evil counterpart would return, Doof suddenly found himself with an unwanted visitor from another dimension, Evil Buzz. Evil Buzz knocked Doof back with a shot from his laser pistol. Doof the used one of his inators to fuse himself with Norm. He then proceeded to fire countless blasts at the evil space ranger. Evil Buzz then tried to engage in hand to hand combat but found difficulty fighting the cyborg. He then took out a large blaster and blasted off one of Doof's and Norm's arms. As he tried to flee, Evil Buzz threw a robotic arm at Doof, knocking him down. Doof then accidently activated his inator, making it go haywire and merged Doof and Norm with the refrigerator. Evil Buzz then fired his missile launcher, destroying Doofenschmirtz Evil Inc. and killing Doof with it as Evil Buzz laughed maniacally.

Team up with Dragaunus

Evil Buzz sought out the hideout of the Saurian warlord Dragaunus forcing him into an alliance and forcing him to seek out reinforcements. The Overlord did have some ideas in mind.

Trying to team up with Skeleton King

Evil Buzz attempted to make an alliance with the Skeleton King but he refused and would only accept once the energy vampire NOS-4a2 was killed. Evil Buzz however saw an opportunity.

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